S Chand ICSE Mathematics Class 6 Solution First Chapter Numbers Exercise 1E (O.P. Malhotra, S.K. Gupta, Anubhuti Gangal)

S Chand ICSE Mathematics Class 6 Solution First Chapter Numbers Exercise 1E (O.P. Malhotra,  S.K. Gupta, Anubhuti Gangal)

Exercise 1 (E)

(1) How many millimeters are there in 17 km?

Ans:- 17000000 mm

(2) 12 drums of milk have 84 litres of milk in them. Find the capacity of one drum in milliliters.

Ans:- 7000 mL

(3) A vegetable vendor has 3.5 kg of onions, 5 kg of potatoes, 2 kg of tomatoes and 1.5 kg of cauliflower. What is the total weight of the vegetables in milligrams?

Ans:- 12000000 mg

(4) The Delhi Development Authority built 63,85,196 flats in 2015 and 23,48,967 flats in 2016. How many flats in all were built in the two years?

Ans:- 87, 34, 163

(5) The number of candidates appearing for class X board examination conducted by CBSE was 14,58,937 in 2009, 16,93,487 in 2010; 24,13,468 in 2011 and 40,05,093 in 2012. Find the total number of candidates who appeared for the examination in these four years.

Ans:- 95, 70, 985

(6) The number of scooters produced in a year was 25,43,163. Out of these 16,43,078 were sold. How many were still left?

Ans:- 9,00, 085

(7) A garment factory sold goods worth eight lakh twenty-three thousand five hundred six rupees in the month of March. The sale proceeds for the first two weeks Rs 2,03,456 and Rs 1,93,234. What were the sale proceeds of the last two weeks?

Ans:- Rs 4,26,816

(8) A milk depot sells 657 litres of milk every day. How much milk it sell in 1 year?

Ans:- 2,39,805 litres

(9) 3,16,160 people visited a park in 256 days. How many people visited the park in 1 day?

Ans:- 1235 people

(10) The students of class VI of a school collected Rs 3,37,875 for Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. If each child contributed Rs 255, how many children are there in the school?

Ans:-  1325 children

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
(11) Convert 800 km 250 m 45 cm into cm. As a numeral in the Indian system, it is

(a) 80,02,545

(b) 80,25,045

(c) 8,00,25,045

(d) 80,00,25,045

Ans:- (c) 8,00,25,045

(12) A shopkeeper had Rs 12,00,000 with him. He placed an order for 55 air conditioners at Rs 20,825 each. What will be the amount left with him after purchase?

(a) Rs 5,04,625

(b) Rs 56,250

(c) Rs 54,625

(d) Rs 56,425

Ans:- (c) Rs 54,625

(13) Aakash sold 144 refrigerators at Rs 9725 each. From the money he bought 150 T.V. sets. Find the cost of each T.V. set.

(a) Rs 9236

(b) Rs 9326

(c) Rs 9362

(d) Rs 9336

Ans:- (d) Rs 9336


(14) At a rock concert three were 5500 spectators, out of which 750 were invites, who were given free tickets. The total collection from the sale of tickets was Rs 5,93,750. What was the cost of 1 ticket?

Ans:- Rs 125

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