Paragraph on Dictionary

Paragraph on Dictionary

Dictionary is derived from the word “diction” which means style . Dictionary is a simple tool which helps us to pronounce respell and the Grammars we need to collaborate within in a communication.

Dictionary is a collection of words of a particular language it lists the word of a language and gives necessary information about them . It tell us about the spellings , pronunciations , meanings parts of the speech etc . Of the words. To make the meanings of the words clear example sentences are given in that as well .  Example sentences show that, How the words should be used properly . Dictionary plays a vital role in our life. We can get know meanings of any kinds of words in it.

It is very easy to use a dictionary. Just find the first letter of the word you want to know and search for it page by page until you spot the words or phrases and read it’s meaning  .

Nowadays in this modern era there are so many things get involved with the innovation, like we can now use the dictionary applications in our smart phones .so that we can carry it everywhere, anytime.

It made easy to use and understand the actual meanings of the words on our one finger tips.


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