Nobel Lecture Summary WB Board Class 11 English

Nobel Lecture Summary WB Board Class 11 English

Nobel Lecture

Mother  Teresa

Author name – Mother Teresa


Born – 1910
Death – 1997

About author:- Mother Teresa Joined the Roman Catholic church as a nun at a very early age. She came to India when she was eighteen. She spent many years in Calcutta. She began to work as a religious teacher and later founded ‘The Missionaries of Charity’. She devoted her entire life helping the poor and the needy. She was awarded the nobel Peace Prize in 1997.

Mother Teresa imparts a massage of love. She insists that the happiness of humanity depends on universal love. She puts great emphasis on a smile, for as she says, “Smile is the beginning of love,”


Mother Teresa gave her Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech on December 11, 1979 at Oslo in Sweden where the Nobel Prize Committee is based. Her speech is simple and powerful and preaches the tents peace and love. She recounts the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi in her opening address, she proclaims the message of Jesus Christ, “The Prince of Peace” to spread love among mankind. She talks about family bonding and love as a panacea for social separations, she shares her experience about distressed people from all over the world. She is earnest in ensuring that an unwanted child should not be cast away from this world but be brought within the folds of love. She talks about the mutual love and resilience of the people fighting against poverty. She mentions a touching tale of a child in Calcutta who sacrificed his share of sugar so that other children may have it. She recounts a tale of communal harmony. She ends with the reminder that a smile is the most priceless of all human possessions.

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