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Classification of Material

Materials can be classified according to their several properties. Appearance Hardness or Softness Heaviness or lightness Solubility Visibility Good conductor of Heat Good conductor of Electricity State Appearance- On the basis of their appearance, all materials are classified into two ways, 1) Material having lustre (shiny appearance) Metals like Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminium, Iron, Steel […]

Classification of object

Classification of object In daily life, this kind of things you can see many times. But for the proper analysis of this object we can classify them. There are a number of varieties of objects everywhere. Classification technique is used by scientists to help us understand the things easily. All objects around us are made […]

Plane mirror Class 6

Plane mirror : Take a paper and write some alphabet like AMBULANCE on it and look in front of the plane mirror. What will appear in mirror? All alphabet will appear in reverse in Mirror. Now write all alphabet inverted on a paper and look in front of mirror. Now all alphabet will be visible […]

Image : Real Image and virtual Image

Image : Real Image and virtual Image Activity Take a plane mirror, concave mirror, a candle and white screen. Place a candle between plane mirrors and white screen. Switch off the light in a room. Glow the candle by using matchbox. Adjust screen and plane mirror with candle. Now observe carefully, what will be your […]

Reflection of light Class 6

Reflection of light : We know how the surrounding object is seen with the eyes, first the light falls on the object, then from there it gets reflected in the eyes and we see the objects. Now what is this reflect of light or reflection of light? Let’s do it one activity. Take a plane […]

Shadow Class 6

We all heard this word. Do you know what is shadow? If you don’t know, let’s do an activity. Activity Take a torch, ball and screen. Place torch on table, place ball between torch and screen. Now on a torch, firstly light falling on ball and ball is opaque object so it does not pass […]

Pinhole Camera Class 6

Pin-hole Camera : Pin hole camera is based on rectilinear propagation of light principle that mean light travel in straight path. In pin hole camera, lens or any transparent material is not required. Let’s see how pin hole camera is made. Activity Take two different size cylinder. Take first cylinder in your hand make small […]

Travels of Light

Activity Take three cardboard X, Y and Z make a very small hole at their centre. Place 3 cardboard in such manner light will be passing through it. Now take a candle and placed at in front of X cardboard and take one white paper and place in front of Z cardboard as screen. Now […]