Motions of the Earth Class 6 Quiz

Motions of the Earth Class 6 Quiz Question with Answer

Motions of the Earth Class 6 Quiz Question with Answer. CBSE Class 6 Geography Lesson 3 Mock Test.

Question: (1) How many types of motion on earth?

(i) One

(ii) Four

(iii) Three

(iv) Two

Answer:- (iv) Two.

Question: (2) Which motion is the movement of earth on it axis

(i) Rotation

(ii) Revolution

(iii) Elliptical

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (i) Rotation.

Question: (3) The movement of the earth around the sun in a fixed path or orbit is called—

(i) Rotation

(ii) Revolution

(iii) Elliptical

(iv) All of these

Answer:- (ii) Revolution.

Question: (4) How much angle obtained by the axis of the earth?

(i) 66o

(ii) 65o

(iii) 65 – ½

(iv) 66 – ½

Answer:- (iv) 66 – ½.

Question: (5) The plane formed by the orbit is know as—-?

(i) Orbital plane

(ii) Elliptical plane

(iii) Axis plane

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (i) Orbital plane.

Question: (6) What is the earth received from the sun?

(i) Heat

(ii) Light

(iii) Rays

(iv) All of these

Answer:- (ii) Light.

Question: (7) What is the circle that divides the day from night on the globe?

(i) Orbital plane

(ii) Revolution

(iii) Circle of illuminate

(iv) Equator

Answer:- (iii) Circle of illuminate.

Question: (8) How many time the earth takes to complete one rotation around its axis?

(i) 15 hours

(ii) 23 hours

(iii) 20 hours

(iv) 24 hours

Answer:- 24 hours.

Question: (9) What is know as the period of rotation?

(i) Moon day

(ii) Earth day

(iii) World day

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (ii) Earth day.

Question: (10) Which is the second motion of the earth around the sun in its orbit?

(i) Revolution

(ii) Rotation

(iii) Elliptical

(iv) Circular

Answer:- (i)_ Revolution.


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Question: (11) How many days required by earth to revolve around the sun?

(i) 365 days

(ii) 365- ½

(iii) 365- ¼

(iv) 366 days

Answer:- (iii) 365- ¼.

Question: (12) How many days in a leap year?

(i) 365 days

(ii) 364 days

(iii) 363 days

(iv) 366 days

Answer:- (iv) 366 days.

Question: (13) The earth is going around the sun is an —?

(i) Circular orbit

(ii) Elliptical

(iii) Rotational orbit

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (ii) Elliptical orbit.

Question: (14) Which day the rays of the sun fall directly on the tropic of Cancers?

(i) 21st June

(ii) 21st July

(iii) 21st March

(iv) 23st September

Answer:- (iii) 21st June.

Question: (15) Which the longest day and the shortest night happen in northern Hemisphere?

(i) 21st March

(ii) 23st September

(iii) 21st June

(iv) 21st July

Answer:- (iii) 21st June.

Question: (16) When the nights are longer than the days, this position of the earth is called—

(i) Summer solstice

(ii) Equinox

(iii) Winter solstice

(iv) All of these

Answer:- (i) Summer solstice.

Question: (17) On which date, the tropic of capricon receives direct rays of the sun as the pole hits towards it?

(i)  21st December

(ii) 22nd December

(iii) 23ed September

(iv) 21st March

Answer:- (ii) 22nd December.

Question: (18) When shorter days and longer nights happen in the Northern Hemisphere, this position of the earth is called—-.

(i) Summer Solstice

(ii) Equinoz

(iii) Winter solstice

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (iii) Winter solstice

Question: (19) When the whole earth experience equal night?

(i) Summer solstice

(ii) Equinox

(iii) Winter solstice

(iv) All of these

Answer:- (ii) Equinox.

Question: (20) which season is on 23rd September, in the Northern Hemisphere?

(i) Autumn season

(ii) Spring season

(iii) Pre Winter

(iv) Rainy

Answer:- (i) Autumn season.

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