Maps Class 6 Quiz

Maps Class 6 Quiz Question with Answer

Maps Class 6 Quiz Question with Answer. CBSE Class 6 Geography Lesson 4 Mock Test.

Question: (1) A globe cab be useful when we want to study of—

(i) Districts

(ii) Town

(iii) Village

(iv) The earth as whole

Answer:- (iv) The earth as whole

Question: (2) Which is not a components of maps

(i) Distance

(ii) Direction

(iii) Symbol

(iv) None poof these

Answer:- (iv) None of these.

Question: (3) Identify the components of maps

(i) Symbol

(ii) Distance

(iii) Both a & b

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (iii) Both a & b

Question: (4) Maps focus on specific information know as —-

(i) Thematic map

(ii) Political maps

(iii) Physical maps

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (i) Thematic map.

Question: (5) Which maps shows distribution of forests.

(i) Political map

(ii) Physical map

(iii) Thematic map

(iv) Globe

Answer:- (iii) Thematic map.

Question: (6) Maps showing natural features of the earth called—-

(i) Thematic maps

(ii) Physical maps

(iii) political maps

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (ii) None of these.

Question: (7) Maps showing cities, towns & village different countries states of the world with their boundaries are called—-

(i) Political maps

(ii) Physical maps

(iii) Thematic maps

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (i) Political maps.


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Question: (8) Physical maps also know as—

(i) Political maps

(ii) Thematic maps

(iii) Both a & b

(iv) Relier maps

Answer:- (iv) Relier maps.

Question: (9) — are shown by political maps.

(i) Countries & their boundaries

(ii) River oceans

(iii) Rainfall, Industries

(iv) All of these

Answer:- (i) Countries & their boundaries.

Question: (10) The ratio between the actual distance on the ground & the shown on the map is know as —

(i) Symbols

(ii) Scale

(iii) Arrow

(iv) Directions

Answer:- (ii) Scale.

Question: (11) 5 cm on the map shows 500 km of the ground, the scale is —

(i) Small scale

(ii) Large scale

(iii) Actual scale

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (i) Small scale.

Question: (12) An arrow marked with the letter ‘N’ at upper right corner show — direction.

(i)  South

(ii) East

(iii) North

(iv) West

Answer:- (iii) North.

Question: (13) When you know the north direction you can find — direction.

(i) East

(ii) West

(iii) South

(iv) All of these

Answer: All of these.

Question: (14) Map without scale crough drawings called a

(i) Plane map

(ii) Sketch map

(iii) Rough map

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (ii) Sketch map.

Question: (15) A — is drawing of a small area on a large scale

(i) Sketch

(ii) Plan

(iii) Symbol

(iv) Cardinal point.

Answer:- (ii) Plan.

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