Globe : Latitudes and Longitudes Class 6 Quiz

Globe : Latitudes and Longitudes Class 6 Quiz Question with Answer

Globe : Latitudes and Longitudes Class 6 Quiz Question with Answer. CBSE Class 6 Geography Lesson 2 Mock Test.

Question: (1) A needle is fixed through the globe in a tilted manner, which is called –

(i) Pole

(ii) Axis

(iii) Equator

(iv) Latitudes

Answer:- (ii) Axis.

Question: (2) The two points on the globe through which the needle passes are two poles which known as?

(i) North pole & south poles

(ii) East pole & west pole

(iii) North pole & east pole

(iv) South pole & west pole

Answer:- (i) North pole & south poles.

Question: (3) Which is imaginary line running on the globe divide the earth into two equal part?

(i) Axis

(ii) Latitude

(iii) Equator

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (iii) Equator.

Question: (4) The northern half of the earth is known as —

(i) Southern Hemisphere

(ii) Northern Hemisphere

(iii) Western Hemisphere

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (ii) Northern Hemisphere.

Question: (5) Which is a very important reference point to locate places on the earth?

(i) Equator

(ii) Axis

(iii) Pole

(iv) Latitudes

Answer:- (i) Equator.

Question: (6) What is the parallel circles from the equators up to the poles?

(i) Non parallels’ latitudes

(ii) Parallel of latitudes

(iii) Perpendicular of latitudes

(iv) Non perpendicular of latitudes

Answer:- (ii) Parallel of latitudes.

Question: (7) Latitudes are measured in?

(i) Celsius

(ii) Kelvin

(iii) Degree

(iv) All of these

Answer:- (iii) Degree.

Question: (8) What is equator represents?

(i) Zero degree latitude

(ii) Parallal of latitude

(iii) Non – zero degree latitude

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (i) Zero degree latitude.

Question: (9) What is in the Northern Hemisphere?

(i) Tropic of Capricorn

(ii) Tropic of cancer

(iii) Arctic Circle

(iv) Antarctic Circle

Answer:- (ii) Tropic of cancer


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Question: (10) What is in the Southern Hemisphere?

(i) Tropic of Capricorn

(ii) Tropic of cancer

(iii) Arctic Circle

(iv)  Antarctic circle

Answer:- (ii) Tropic of cancer.

Question: (11) Which area received the maximum heat?

(i) Frigid Zones

(ii) Temperature

(iii) Torrid Zones

(iv) All of these

Answer:- (iii) Torrid Zones.

Question: (12) If tropic of capricon and Antarctic circle in the southern Hemisphere, have moderate temperature

(i) Torrid Zone

(ii) Temperature Zone

(iii) Frigid Zone

(iv) Heat Zone

Answer:- (ii) Temperature Zone.

Question: (13) If the sun rays are always slanting and provides less heat is know as?

(i) Frigid Zone

(ii) Heat Zone

(iii) Torrid Zone

(iv) Temperature Zone

Answer:- (i) Frigid Zone.

Question: (14) Which line of reference running from the North pole to the South pole?

(i) Meridian of latitude

(ii) Meridians of location

(iii) Prime Meridian

(iv) Meridians of Longitude

Answer:- (iv) Meridians of Longitude.

Question: (15) Where the British Royal Observatory is located?

(i) Parallel of latitudes

(ii) Meridians of Longitude

(iii) Prime Meridian

(iv) All of these

Answer:- (iii) Prime Meridian.

Question: (16) Who is the best time keeper through the world?

(i) Sun

(ii) Earth

(iii) Moon

(iv) None of these

Answer:- (i) Sun.

Question: (17) What is the local time difference between Dwarka in Gujarat and Dibrugarh in Assam?

(i) 1 hours and 20 min

(ii) 2 hours and 45 min

(iii) 1 hours and 45 min

(iv) 2 hours and 20 min

Answer:- (iii) 1 hours and 45 min.

Question: (18) The local times at standard meridian is takes as the standard time for the whole country is known as?

(i) Standard time

(ii) Local time

(iii) Indian time

(iv) Indian standard time

Answer:- (iv) Indian standard time.

Question: (19) How many time the earth has been divided into zone of one hour?

(i) Twenty four

(ii) Twenty one

(iii) Twenty three

(iv) Twenty five

Answer:- (i) Twenty four.

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