Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Chapter 4.5 Tansen Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Solution Chapter 4.5 – Tansen

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Solution Chapter 4.5: Tansen. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 9 get here Tansen full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 9

English Solution



Answer the following questions:

Q.) How did Akbar reward Tansen for the ecstatic effect of his singing?

Ans. King Akbar praised him and called him the chief jewel in his diadem.

Q.) What happened to Tansen when he sang the Raga Deepak with vigour?

Ans. One day when Tansen sang the Raga Deepak, the Song of Fire, his body started burning like a pyre and his heart burnt into consuming flame.

Q.) How did he come back to normal again?

Ans. To cure his burning heart, a maiden came and sang Raag Malhar.

Q.) What did Tansen tell about his Teacher to Akbar?

Ans. Tansen said that he learnt music, bowing at his Teacher’s feet who lives far away from the world’s ‘not so worthy crowd’, far-away within a cave of Himalaya.

Q.) Why did Akbar change his kingly attire?

Ans. Tansen’s teacher lived away in a cave in the Himalayas, as he did not like the wordly affairs, so Tansen asked Akbar to change his kingly attire as his teacher doesn’t like singing in front of kings. He advised Akbar to dress up like a poor slave and meet him.

Q.) What was the magical effect of Ostad’s rendering the MalkausRaag?

Ans. When Ostad sang Raga Malkaus, the birds and the beasts also came to listen to his song, they were enchanted with his song. Akbar too, felt heavenly. He felt that his heart and soul were filled with Godly trance.

Q.) What happened before Akbar could come out of his trance?

Ans. Ostad suddenly vanished, before Akbar could come out of his trance.

Q.) Why did Tansen’s singing not produce the same effect as that by Ostad?

Ans. Tansen’s song did not produce the same effect, as that of his Ostad’s because Tansen sang to Akbar, a human being while his Ostad dedicated his songs to God.


1.) Pick out the Archaic words from the poem and give their modern equivalents:

ARCHAIC WORDS                               MODERN MEANING

a.) Stoppeth                                                     Stopped

b.) Thy                                                             Your

c.) Thou                                                           You

d.) May’st                                                        Can’t you

e.) Quoth                                                         Said

2.) Who said the following to whom, and when:

a.) “Mighty thy Teacher must be and divine.”

Ans. Akbar said these words to Tansen, when he sang Raga Deepak.

b.)  “He dwells within a cave of Himalay.”

Ans. Tansen said this line to Akbar when Akbar laid his wish of meeting Tansen’s Ostad.

c.) “As you desire, Huzoor.”

Ans. Tansen said this line to Akbar, when Akbar agreed to meet Tansen’sOstad as a poor person, he then agreed to take Akbar to his Ostad in the Himalaya.

d.) “O Holy master, bless us with thy song!”

Ans. Tansen to his Ostad, as he laid his and his king’s wish of listening to his enchanting song.

e.) “Ah no, to thee I sing, he sings to God.”

Ans. Tansen to Akbar, when Akbar asked Tansen that why he can’t sing like his Ostad.


3.) Rearrange the following in their proper order as in the poem. Write the serial number against each line:

a.) The Ostad sang the Malkaus Raga enchantingly.                                                 (7)

b.) Akbar followed Tansen, dressed miserably.                                                         (4)

c.) I request to sing such a song that will I experience unmatched joy.                    (6)

d.) Ostad was nowhere to be seen.                                                                            (9)

e.) O Divine Teacher, please gift us the joy of your song.                                         (5)

f.) One day the singer sang Deepak Raga in the court.                                             (1)

g.) Akbar expressed his wish to meet the Teacher.                                                   (3)

h.) He experienced heavenly delight.                                                                         (8)

i.) Tansen sings to please the earthly king but Ostad devotes his songs to God.       (10)

j.) She sang Raga Malhar, which had a cooling effect.                                              (2)

4.) Write the reasons in your own words:

a.) Akbar strongly desired to hear Ostad sing.

Ans. When Tansen sang Raga Deepak in Akbar’s court, his whole body burnt like a pyre. Seeing that Akbar was astonished and mesmerized and expressed his wish to meet Tansen’s Teacher, who taught him such mesmerizing Ragas.

b.) Akbar had to dress like a slave.

Ans. Tansen said his Ostad doesn’t sing for Kings or rich people, so if he wants to meet him and listen to his song, Akbar has to dress like a poor.

c.) After the song Ostad had vanished.

Ans.After Ostad sang RaagMalkaus, Akbar’s soul and mind were completely mesmerized; he was lost in Ostad’s song. When he came back to his normal self, Ostad was nowhere to be seen.

d.) Ostad’s song was more elating than Tansen’s songs.

Ans. Tansen sang for his king, Akbar, who was a human being, whereas his Ostad sang for God.

5.) What message does the poet want to convey through this narrative poem, ‘Tansen’?     

Ans.The message that the poet wants to convey through this poem is that how people have become materialistic in today’s time. As man starts becoming successful, he loses touch with God and his own soul or his inner self. He gives most of the importance to monetary things and not to the Godly things. For true harmonization with his inner self one has to detach himself/herself from the worldly luxuries to an extent.

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