Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Chapter 3.4 How the First Letter was Written Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Solution Chapter 3.4 – How the First Letter was Written

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Solution Chapter 3.4: How the First Letter was Written. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 9 get here How the First Letter was Written full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 9

English Solution


How the First Letter was Written

Give one word for the meaning of each of the names:

a) Tegumai Bopsalai – Calm

b) Teshumai Tewindrow – Curious

c) Taffimai Mittalumain – Naughty


Q1.) Who is the author telling this story to?

Ans: The author is telling the Stacy to us, the readers.


Q2.) Why has Taffy stamped her foot? What did the stranger make of it?

Ans: Taffy stamped her foot because she saw a shoal (school) of very big crap going up the river just when her father could not use his spear. The stranger thought that Taffy was  a cute child who was the daughter of the noble man.


Q3.) Why did the stranger offer Taffy a big piece of berch’s bark?

Ans: The stranger offer Taffy a big piece of berch’s bark to show that he was harmless as his heart is as white as the berch’s bark.


Q4.) Why did the stranger’s admiration for Taffy grow?

Ans: There was a magic shark tooth on stranger’s necklace and he always knew that if anybody touched it without his permission they would swell up or burst immediately and Taffy did not swell up or burst so stranger’s administration for Taffy grow.


Q5.) Why does the author refer to when he says ‘some people’?

Ans: ‘Some people’ refer to today’s kids who while doing drawing lie on their stomachs.


Q6.) Is Taffy’s drawing realistic? In how many ways does it fail to show the real picture?

Ans: No, the drawing of Taffy is not realistic. The drawing shows the stranger as an attacker on the father daughter duo. The stranger man looks to be the one who scared her. The beavers look like humans who are their enemies.


Q7.) Write ‘fended’ and ‘splain’ with their proper spellings.

Ans: Fended – Offended

Splain – Explain


Q8.) How did the stranger interpret Taffy’s drawing?

Ans. The stranger thought that there was a battle on the way. He thought the beaversas the chief’s enemies who were coming up from all sides with spears. He also assumed that Taffy wanted to call their tribe for help.


Q9.) What mistaken notions made the strangers race off like the wind?

Ans. The stranger ran off like wind because he thought that Tegumai would be slained by his enemies who were coming from all side with spears.


Q10.) What was the stranger’s impression of TeshumaiTewindrow?

Ans. The stranger thought that Taffy looked quite alike Teshumi, specially the upper part of her face and eyes.


Q11.) Is it possible to promise that one will be surprised?

Ans. No, it is not possible, because surprise is a spontaneous action and happens on the very moment.


Q12.) What terrible message had Taffy’s drawing conveyed to her mummy?

Ans. Her mother came to this conclusion, that the stranger had struck Tegumai with spears and frightened poor Taffy.





3) How do the following characters in the story live up to their names? Provide points from the story:

a) TengumaiBopsulai b)TaffimaiMetallumai

c) TeshumaiTewindrow

Ans. a) TengumaiBopsulai-

Name’s meaning– Man who does not put his foot forward in a hurry.

*He proved himself as per his name when he showed patience in mending his spear and did not rush off home.

b) TaffimaiMetalumai-

Name’s meaning– Small person without any manners, who ought to be spanked.

*She actually did not show any manners when she met the stranger. She ordered him        ‘come here’, stamped her foot and called him silly as well, and she also pulled off the shark tooth from his necklace.

c) TeshumaiTewindraw-

Name’s meaning: Lady who asks very many questions.

*She did not ask many questions as her name’s meaning implies to, instead she talked too loudly and shouted at the poor stranger.

4.) The story is written in an informal, colloquial style- the way it would be told orally. Find and write the occasions where the author addresses the audience directly in the story:

Ans. * ‘’Now stand and listen.”

  • “He did this. Best beloved, to show that his heart was as white as the birch-bark and he   meant no harm…”
  • “Now this is the picture that Taffy had drawn for him!”
  • “The stranger man- did you know he was Tewara?”

5.) Write a character sketch of the ‘Stranger man’ using examples from the story to support the following attributes:

a) Ignorant, innocent and polite.

b) Calm and cool

c) Jumps to wrong conclusion

d) Hasty and unwise at times

Ans. The stranger man belonged to the far tribe of the Tewaras and he did not the language that Tegumai and Taffy spoke. He had a daughter, so seeing Taffy’s innocence, he was impressed with her. He was a genuine member of his own tribe, who hardly mixed up and mingled with the outer world, so he was quite ignorant about the other tribe, but he was very polite and well-mannered. He was a quiet and calm person, who gave Taffy a big flat piece of bark off a birch tree to show that his heart was as white as the bark of the birch and that he meant no harm to them. But he was also foolish, who jumped hastily jumped into some foolish conclusions just by listening to the little girl’s instructions.


7.) Underline the main clauses in the following sentences:

Ans. a) And she was TegumaiBopsulai’s Best Beloved and her own mommy’s best beloved, and she was not spanked half as much as was good for her; and they were all three very happy.


b) One day TegumaiBopsulai went through the beaver-swamp to the Wagairiver to spear carpfish for dinner, and Taffy went too.


c) They were miles and miles from home and Tegumai had forgotten to bring any extra spear.


d) Just then a stranger man came along the river, but he belonged to a far tribe, the Tewaras, and he did not understand one word of Tegumai’s language.

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