Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 2 Chapter 7 Swaraj : First Conquest Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 2 Solution Chapter 7 – Swaraj : First Conquest

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 2 Solution Chapter 7: Swaraj : First Conquest. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 4 get here Swaraj : First Conquest full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 4

EVS Part 2 Solution


Swaraj : First Conquest

Swaraj : First Conquest

1) Fill in the blanks :

a) Shivaji controlled the Jagir of Pune, Supe, Chakan and …….. .

(Indapur, Saswad, Welhe)


b) Shivaji decided to capture the fort of …….. and lay the foundation of Hindavi

(Sinhagad, Shivneri, Torana)


c) became the first capital of

(Rajgad, Raigad, Pratapgad)


2) Write the answer in one sentence.

a) Which four different powers governed Maharashtra in those days ?

Ans-Moghal emperor of Dehli, sultan Adilshah of Bijapur, the Portuguese of goa and siddi of janjira these four powers was badly ruled on Maharashtra.

b) What officers were appointed by Shivaji on the fort of Torana ?

Ans-Shivaji Maharaj appointed some brave officers on torana like maratha killedar, brahmin sabnis, and prabhu karkhanis.

c) What message did Shivaji send to Adilshah ?

Ans- Shivaji maharaj send massage to adilshah that ‘ I have taken possession of fort for better administration of the countryside. We did this only in the interest of the sultans.’

3.) Give reasons.

a.) Shivaji selected the fort of Torana to lay the foundation of Swaraj.

Reason-Shivaji raje has taken a strong thought in his mind that hill side fort gives strategic support to ruler hence he decides to capture Torana. Torana is situated in the south-west of pune in the kanad was renowned fort, well situated for defence. There were two strong machis. A ‘machi’ is fortification of natural plaque. These machis give more benefits for defense hence Shivaji Maharaj selected Torana to lay foundation of Swaraj.

b.) The workers brought the pots of mohurs discovered on the fort of Torana to Shivaji.

Reason-When Torana getting repaired that time peoples were surprised because of metals pot which they found. Peoples got four metal pot which filled to the brim mohurs. Hence workers feel happy and proud on Shivaji that goddess Bhavani give him blessing in the form of mohurs.

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  1. Hello, fill in the blanks question c you are given the wrong answer the first capital of swaraj was Rajgad not Raigad, so plz correct the answer.

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