Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 2 Chapter 6 The Oath of Swaraj Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 2 Solution Chapter 6 – The Oath of Swaraj

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Part 2 Solution Chapter 6: The Oath of Swaraj. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 4 get here The Oath of Swaraj full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 4

EVS Part 2 Solution


The Oath of Swaraj

The Oath of Swaraj

1) Fill in the blanks :

a) To the south-west of Pune, the ………..temple was a beautiful

b) All over Maval there were ………..guarding their individual

c) Shahaji Raje had cast a special ………..for


a) Raireshwar

b) Deshmukhs

c) Royal seal

2) Write the answer in one sentence.

a) What words of Shivaji echoed in the temple?

Ans-Shivaji Raje take oath in raireshwar for establishing swaraj. Raireshwar temple is filled by echo which comes from Shivaji. He firmly said, “god thinks that this kingdom should take shape as hindavi swaraj. We shall see that god’s wish is fulfilled.”

b) What did Jijabai think with joy and satisfaction?

Ans- Shivaji Maharaj came in the Lal mahal for describe mother that he was taken oath of swaraj in the raireshwar. that is the movement where she felt more satisfaction and faith on Shivaji that he would accomplish what was always in her mind.

c) What did Shivaji come to know in his detailed survey?

Ans-Shivaji Raje collects every smallest detail of every establishment, secret pathways, underground routes, ammunition dump and cellars.

d) What did Shivaji decide to put an end to?

Ans- Deshmukh vatandar were do constant fight in them results wasting of money and wasting manpower of maratha. This problem is quickly recognize by Shivaji and then he decides to end this loss.

3.) Write the answers in two or three sentences.

a.) What was the ideal of Shivaji ?

Ans-shivaji maharaj strongly belief on his oath that he have to built ‘ Hindavi swaraj’. Shivaji maharaj wants his own kingdom. He also instructed to mavlas to refuse labor life and to refuse live as slaves due to his inspirational thoughts mavlas got strength results they always stands with Shivaji for battel of swaraj.

b.) What did Shivaji start doing with his comrades ?

Ans-To built swaraj, Shivaji Maharaj did more preparations with mavala. He trained them by many ways like swordsmanship, riding, how to explore secrete paths on hills stations also he gives general idea of lands topography and that was daily routine of Shivaji Maharaj.

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