Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Chapter 1.1 Where the Mind is Without Fear Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Solution Chapter 1.1 – Where the Mind is Without Fear

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 10 English Solution Chapter 1.1: Where the Mind is Without Fear. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 10 get here Where the Mind is Without Fear full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 10

English Solution


Where the Mind is Without Fear

1.) Pair up with your partner and match the terms with their given meanings.

(1) Humanism= A rationalistic outlook towards humans rather than a divine or supernatural one.

(2) Patriotism= Quality of being patriotic : vigorous support for one’s country.

(3) Internationalism= State or process of being international.

(4) Liberalism= Holding liberal views

(5) Environmentalism= Concern about and action aimed at protecting the environment

2.) Poems in English are of different types.

Sonnet            Epic

Limerick         Lyric

Ballad             Humorous

Elegy               Idyll

Free verse

Taking the help of a dictionary/internet guess and write the type of poem against its description.

(i) A long story-poem, often mythical= Epic

(ii) A short story poem with a message= Ballad

(iii) A poem of 14 lines= Sonnet

(iv) A song-like poem= Lyric

(v) A poem with no uniformity of rhyme, rhythm etc.= Free verse

(vi) A poem set in picturesque, rustic background= Idyll

(vii) A sad poem, lamenting death of a loved one= Elegy

(viii) A 5-line short funny poem with rhyme-scheme aabba.= Limerick

(ix) A poem written, just to create humour= Humorous


1.) In your notebook write down lines from the poem as a proof for the following.

(a) Tagore wishes for a nation where people are truthful.

= Where words come out from the depth of truth

(b) The poet would like everyone to work hard to reach their goal and in the long run to reach perfection.

= Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection

(c) The poet wishes that everyone in his country holds his head high in dignity.

= Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

(d) The poet dreams of a nation where knowledge should be free to all.

= Where knowledge is free

(e) The poem is a ‘prayer’.

= Where the mind is led forward by Thee Into ever-widening thought and action Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

2.) Read the columns carefully and match the expressions with their meanings.

1) The head is held high = A person with self respect and proud of possessing it

2) Narrow domestic walls=Narrow mindedness

3) Knowledge is free=Education is given to all

4) Depth of truth=Sincerity of heart

5) Mind is without fear=A fearless person

6) Stretches its arms=Aim at perfection

7) Clear stream of reason =Clear thinking

8) Dead habits=Dried up, infertile land of sands

9) Ever widening thought and

Action= Broadening the outlook and attitude

3) (A) Answer the following questions in your own words.

(a) How is the world broken into fragments?

= The world is broken into fragments by narrow domestic walls. Here poet describes narrow domestic walls as division on the basis of religion, caste, class  and  colour in societies and between countries of the world.

b) Explain what the ‘tireless striving’ should, be for.

= ‘Tireless striving’ should be to achieve one’s aim at perfection by continuous  efforts and struggle.

(c) What should people keep on widening? How can it be done?

= People should keep on widening their outlook. This can be done by increasing one’s knowledge , gaining experience by travelling.

(d) From what darkness of night should our nation awake?

= Our nation should awaken from  the darkness of racism, division on the basis of religion, caste, class and colour in society ,fear and untruthfulness.

(e) What qualities does the poet wish to inculcate in his countrymen?

= The qualities poet wish to inculcates in his countrymen are – truthfulness , dignity , wisdom , clear thinking , hard work , open mindedness , self respect and proud of possessing it,broad outlook.

5.) (A) Complete the following sentences using your own interpretation.

(a) When the mind is without fear and head unbowed, we enjoy FULL freedom.

(b) When knowledge is free, every citizen enjoys the right to STUDY  and AQUIRE KNOWLEDGE .

(c) We can prevent SOCIAL injustice when we pull down discriminatory walls of  caste, class, religion etc.

(d) Constant effort and strife leads to ACHIEVING A GOAL.

(e) Logical thinking and reasoning can put a stop to NARROW MINDEDNESS .

(f) Tagore appeals to God to make his country a heaven of freedom .

(B) Fill in the blanks.

(a) Students should keep themselves aloof from HARMFUL OLD TRADITIONAL CUSTOMS .

(b) When KNOWLEDGE IS FREE everyone will be literate .

(c) It is a social duty of every student of the modern world to uproot NARROW MINDEDNESS from  societies.

(d) Students must develop FOREVER BROADENING outlook and attitudes.

(e) In the world of sycophancy, students must BE FEARLESS AND HAVE SELF RESPECT .

6.) Find out the examples of ‘Metaphor’ from the poem.

  • Clear stream of reason.
  • Dreary desert sand of dead habit.

8.) Read the poem. Write an Appreciation of the poem in about 12 to 15 sentences with the help of the following points. Use a paragraph format.

= The poem ‘Where the mind is without fear’ is written by Rabindranath Tagore an Indian Writer , Poet And Philosopher. It is a prayer to God. Here poet addresses God as “my father” .No rhyme scheme is seen in this poem, it’s basically a free verse .My favourite line in this poem is ‘Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high’ . This is a prayer to god. Here poet asks god to turn this country into heaven of freedom where there will be no division on the basis of religion, caste, class and colour in societies and between countries of the world, people will achieve there aim by continuous efforts and struggle,where they leave their harmful old traditional ritual.

Figures of speech= Metaphore, Alliteration, Personification, synecdoche, apostrophe.

Special features of the poem is it’s an absolute patriotic poem. Tagore expresses his love for his country. He wants to break the narrow domestic walls of discrimination and he prays to God to make his country awake.

I like this poem because it’s a patriotic and very positive poem. The words used in this poem is very rich and sensitive. Its an perfect patriotic poem.  Poets vision to improve his country has been written so perfectly that anyone can understand poets love for has country.

9.) Imagine that you have to deliver a speech on the occasion of ‘Independence Day’ or the ‘Republic Day’ in the school assembly. Prepare a speech to deliver on ‘India of my dreams’

Good morning respected teachers and my dear friends. I am ———————-.  I wish you all happy Independence Day .On this year we will celebrate —— years of Independence day. This is the day we celebrate our freedom as a nation. This day teaches us the importance of patriotism and strengthens our unity. We honor all the struggles and sacrifices which our ancestors did for this great country India. The sacrifices of all the martyrs like Bhagat sing, Khudiram Bose, Chandra Sekhar Azad who lost their lives to give us a great country of freedom can never be  forgotten . How Gandhiji fights with non violence and how Subhas Chandra Bose risks his life and made all the sacrifices just to make a beautiful free country must not fade away from our mind.  We are greatful to born in this country. We will protect our flag our pride our country like they gave us a Independent country. We love our country and we will always protect the dignity of our country.With that I conclude my  speech.

Thank you, everyone and Happy Independence Day.

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