KSEEB Solution Class 9 English Third Language Poem Unit 2 The Fox and the Grapes Question Answers

KSEEB Solution Class 9 English Third Language – The Fox and the Grapes

Class Nine (9)
Subject English
Language 3rd Language
Chapter 2
Chapter Name The Fox and the Grapes

The Fox and the Grapes Class 9 English Karnataka Board Kannada





C1.) Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each :

1.) Where was the fox passing through ?

Answer: Fox was passing through an orchard.


2.) What did he see suddenly ?

Answer: He see a bunch of grapes above the wall.


3.) Did the fox try to get the grapes ? How ?

Answer: Fox tried to get the grapes, he jumped once and missed it and he tried again with better aim but the result was same.


4.) Was the fox successful in getting grapes ?

Answer: No, fox was not succeeded to get grapes.


5.) How did the fox feel at the end ?

Answer: Fox feel sad and while wiping a tearful eye he shrug a shoulder and he said he is not so dry, and lunch is bound to come within the hour. Finally, fox said that he is sure that the grapes are sour.


6.) What is the moral of the poem ?

Answer: The moral of the story is sometime we want the peach but it is beyond our reach but we should learn that we should learn to never get upset if we didn’t find the peach or the expected thing.



Match the rhymes in column A with column B :

A                     Answer

Fall                  wall

Aim                 same

Hour                sour

Peach               reach

Set                   get

Eye                  dry

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