KSEEB Solution Class 9 English Second Language Supplementary Reading Unit 3 Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Question Answers

KSEEB Solution Class 9 English Second Language – Ranji’s Wonderful Bat

Class Nine (9)
Subject English
Language 2nd Language
Chapter 3
Chapter Name Ranji’s Wonderful Bat

Ranji’s Wonderful Bat Class 9 English Karnataka Board Kannada




I.) Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each :


1.) Who was the youngest member of the team?

Answer: Ranji was the youngest member of the team.


2.) What did Mr. Kumar give Ranji?

Answer: Mr. Kumar gave Ranji an old bat.


3.) How many runs did Ranji score in the first match?

Answer: Ranji scored no runs in the first match.


4.) Who was the captain of Ranji’s team?

Answer: Suraj was the captain of Ranji’s team.


5.) Why did Ranji buy two laddoos?

Answer: Ranji was in high spirits and happy. He bought two laddoos for Koki because she was crazy about laddoos.


6.) Why was everyone pleased with Ranji after the second match?

Answer: Everyone was pleased with Ranji after the second match because he had scored forty runs.


7.) How did Ranji lose the bat?

Answer: One evening, after a game on the maidan, Ranji decided to catch a bus home. It was then he left the bat in the bus and lost it.


8.) What did Ranji do after the last match of the season?

Answer: After the last match, Ranji bought a dozen laddoos, six for Koki and six for Mr. Kumar.


II.) Answer the following questions in three or four sentences each:


1.) Why was Ranji upset after the game?

Answer: Despite practicing regularly, Ranji had failed to make a big score. He tried hard to make a big score. At the important game, he failed and this is why he was upset after the game.


2.) How did Mr. Kumar help Ranji?

Answer: When Mr. Kumar saw Ranji sad, he called him and offered him the best old bat. He told him that the bat was the luckiest of all his old bats with which Mr.Kumar had made a century.


3.) Ranji scored many runs with the new bat given by Kumar. What may be the reason?

Answer: When Ranji got his new bat, he believed that it was lucky for him and scored many runs with it. It was Ranji’s belief that made him score many runs.


4.) How did Mr. Kumar console Ranji when he lost the bat?

Answer: Mr. Kumar consoled Ranji by saying that any bat will make runs for him. He told him that a bat has magic only when the batsman has magic. He said what Ranji needed was confidence not a bat. He helped Ranji to build confidence which was much needed for any game and this is how he consoled him.


5.) What is the good quality you appreciate in Mr. Kumar?

Answer: Mr. Kumar helped Ranji to build confidence. He helped and consoled Ranji in his difficult time which made him confident.


6.) If you were Mr. Kumar, how would you help the boy?

Answer: If I were Mr.Kumar, I would have helped him cheering up.


7.) What do we learn from the story?

Answer: It is very important to have confidence in our self to achieve anything in life. Confidence and belief in our self makes us achieve anything in life. We should have faith and take required efforts.

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