KSEEB Solution Class 6 English Second Language Prose Unit 2 The Scholar’s Mother Tongue Question Answers

KSEEB Solution Class 6 English Second Language – The Scholar’s Mother Tongue

Class Six (6)
Subject English
Language 2nd Language
Chapter 2
Chapter Name The Scholar’s Mother Tongue

The Scholar’s Mother Tongue Class 6 English Karnataka Board Kannada






1.) Can you answer the following riddles?

  • What starts with ‘P’, ends with ‘E’ and has millions of letters?

Answer: Post office


  • What word begins with ‘e’, ends with ‘e’ and has one letter?

Answer: Eye


  • Which ‘pillar’ keeps crawling all the time?

Answer: Caterpillar


  • What has size and shape but no weight?

Answer: Shadow


  • Which son may prove dangerous?

Answer: Poison


  • What cannot move or walk, but can go from place to place?

Answer: Road/ slippers


  • Which letter in the English alphabet always asks a question?

Answer: Y


C1.) A nswer the following questions in one or two sentences each :


1.) Who was the visitor at Akbar’s court one day?

Answer: A learned scholar (pandit) was the visitor at Akbar’s court one day.


2.) What did he tell the king and courtiers?

Answer: He told the king and courtiers that he had mastery over many languages.


3.) What did he challenge the court?

Answer: He challenged the court to find his mother tongue.


4.) What did Birbal tickle the Pandit’s ear with?

Answer: Birbal tickled the Pandit’s ear with a feather.


5.) Was Pandit’s mother tongue Hindi? Mention his mother tongue

Answer: No, Pandit’s mother tongue was not Hind. His mother tongue was Telugu.


C2.) Say whether the following statements are True or False.


1.) A learned scholar once visits the court of Jahangir. False

2.) Birbal says he can speak many language. False

3.) Birbal tickles Pandit’s ear with a feather. True

4.) The Pandit admits his defeat. True


C3.) The paragraph below is the story you have just read. Rearrange the sentences to make it meaningful. Do it in pairs.

Answer: Correct Order

c.) A learned Pandit once visited the court of Akbar. He told the King that he had mastery over different languages.


b.) The Pandit could speak many languages fluently. He challenged everybody at the court to name his mother tongue.


d.) Everyone in the court failed; the challenge was taken up by Birbal.


f.) Birbal quietly entered into the Pandit’s bedroom and tickled his ear with a feather. Pandit, half awake, shouted out words in his mother tongue.


a.) Birbal came to the court the next day and told everyone that the Pandit’s mother tongue was Telugu.


e.) The King questioned how he knew this and Birbal narrated the incident that took place in the Pandit’s bedroom.


C4.1.) The title of the story is “The Scholar’s Mother Tongue”. Work with your partner and think of some other suitable titles.

Birbal- The real master

Smart Birbal


2.) Suppose you are Birbal in the story. Write a few sentences on


a) How you would find out the scholar’s mother tongue?

Answer: I would have pinched him.


b.) What you would use to tickle the Pandit’s ear with other than a feather?



Let’s Speak

Here is another story that shows Birbal’s wisdom. With the help of the clues given below, discuss the story with your friends and narrate it :

One day Akbar asked his courtiers of what punishment to be given to the person who pulled his beard. Then the courtiers gave different opinions. One of the courtiers advised to kill under the culprit under the feet of elephant. Many such advises were given by the courtiers. But then Akbar got bored of their options. Then Akbar asked Birbal to give the solution. Then Birbal advised to offer sweets to the culrptis. The courtiers were surprised at Birbal’s advice. But Akbar was pleased. Akbar asked Birbal the reason behind such option. Then Birbal explained that none other than the prince would be bold enough to touch his beard. And this was indeed the best one from Birbal.Akbar rewarded Birbal with diamond ring.


V1.) F ill in the blanks with the opposites of the underlined words :

1.) We are in the same class, but have different opinions about the teacher.

2.) My friend failed to solve the riddle, but I succeeded.

3.) Raghav was quiet in a noisy class.

4.) Mother stayed awake while the child was asleep in the cradle.

5.) I accepted to help Sonu, but he rejected my help.

6.) Shantha thought that the sum is difficult, but after working it out she found it easy.


V2.) Frame meaningful sentences using the words given below. Refer to a dictionary :

e.g.) discuss : In the absence of the teacher students started discussing the sum.

a) mastery – My grandmother has mastery over cooking.


b) asleep – My baby is asleep now.


c) shout – Don’t shout at our dog.


d) surprise – I like giving surprises to people.


e) truth – I like people who tell speak the truth.


V3.) Write all the words that show you are happy :

e.g. Hurray!

Answer: Yipiie, Yahoo, Amazing.


V4.) Relate the words in column ‘A’ with the words in column ‘B’ and relate the same to column ‘C’.


King Courtiers Palace
Teacher Students School
Doctor Patients Hospital
Bus driver Passengers bus
Lawyer Clients court
Mother Children house


V5.) Here is a word pyramid with only the word ‘IT’. Use the clues to complete the other ‘it’ words in the pyramid.

1.) Don’t stand, sit.


2.) The dog will bite you. Be careful!


3.) Use a pen to write.


4.) A cat’s baby is a kitten.


5.) Mother cooks food in a kitchen.


6.) The headquarters of a country/state is called capital.


7.) When you are sick you go to a hospital.


G1.) Fill in the blanks with ‘a’ , ‘an’ or ‘the’.

The first one has been done for you.

a – man and a – woman

1.) a cow and an ox


2.) an apple and a mango


3.) a hen and an egg


4.) a banana and an orange


5.) a young woman and an old man


6.) an umbrella and a stick


7.) a pen and an inkpot


8.) The Taj Mahal and the Red fort


9.) The Bible the Quran


G2.) S me words are missing in the following story. Complete the story by choosing words from the brackets.

One day a great scholar came ( came, coming) to King Akbar’s court. He knew (knows, knew) many languages, No one knew ( knew, know) what his mother tongue was. He challenged everyone to find out ( find out, finds out) his mother tongue. Everyone tried (tries, tried) but failed (fails, failed) to find out (find out, found out) his mother tongue! Now the task was given to Birbal. That night Birbal went (go, went) to the room of the scholar. The scholar was fast asleep. Birbal took (takes, took) a small feather and tickled (tickles, tickled) the scholar’s ears. The scholar cried (cries, cried) in fear and shouted (shouts, shouted) words in his mother tongue. The next day Birbal went (went, gone) to the court and said (says, said) that the mother tongue of the scholar was Telugu. King Akbar asked (ask, asked) Birbal how he find (find, found) it out?


Birbal said, ‘In times of danger and in difficulty a person speaks only in his mother tongue!’ Everyone wondered (wonders, wondered) at the wisdom of Birbal. King Akbar appreciated and rewarded (reward, rewarded)Birbal.


W1.) Punctuate the following sentences :

1.) The pandit says i can speak many different languages

Answer: The Pandit says, “I can speak many different languages.


2.) The pandit asks can anyone find out my mother tongue

Answer: The Pandit asks, “Can anyone find out my mother tongue?”


3.) Birbal says the pandit’s mother tongue is telugu

Answer: Birbal says, “The Pandit’s mother tongue is Telugu.


4.) King akbar asks how did you find it out

Answer: King Akbar asks, “How did you find it out?”


W2.) Suppose a new family comes to your neighborhood. How would you interact with them? Using the clues given below, write a dialogue and enact it in the classroom.


Me :-  Hello, Good morning.

Neighbor:–  Hi, Good morning.

Me:-  May I know what is your name?

Neighbor:– My name is Ram Sharma. What is your name?

Me:- My name is Rakesh Patil. So where are you from?

Neighbor:–  I am from Delhi.

Me:-  Good to know. How many languages do you know?

Neighbor:– I know 3 languages.

Me- Good. So how many members are in your family?

Neighbor:- here are 4 members in my family. Me, my wife and my two twin chidren.

Me:-  And May I know what is your profession?

Neighbor: – I am an advocate.

Me:- Good to know. Feel free to ask anything. I will help you whenever and whatever you need.

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