Karnataka Board Class 9 Geography Chapter 4 Water Resources Of Karnataka Solution

Karnataka State Board Social Science Geography Class 9 Chapter 4 Water Resources Of Karnataka Exercise Question and Answer.

(1) The Cauvery river takes its birth at Talacauvery   of Kodagu district.

(2) The famous Jog Falls is produced by the Sharavati river.

(3) The Krishnarajasagar dam is in ___Mandya______ district.

(4) The first hydro-electric power generating station in Karnataka  is     Shivanasamudra,_.

(5) The Almatti dam has been constructed across Krishna river.

(1) Name the important river of Karnataka.

Ans: The important rivers of Karnataka are

Kaveri River

Krishna River

Kali River

Chakra River

Kabini River.

(2) Write a note on Krishna River.

Ans:  The river Krishna is the second important river of South India. its   origin is from Mahabaleshwar  and it flows 1,392kms Eatwards to join Bay of Bengal. But from Karnataka it flows from 480km.The main tributaries of Krishna river are Bhima , Koyna, Tungabhadra, Ghataprabha & Malaprabha. Northern Karnataka had also benefited from Irrigation and hydro electric power.

(3) What are the tributaries of Cauvery river.

ANS:  The main tributaries  of Cauvery river are

Hemavathi, Harangi, Lokapavani, Arkavathi, Shimsa, Kapila,Lakshmanatirtha,Suvarnavati,Bhavani.

(4) Name the different sources of irrigation in Karnataka.

Ans:  Irrigation of Karnataka depends upon various sources are wells, canals & tanks.

(5) Mention the main hydro-electric power stations of our state.

Ans:   The main hydro electric power station of Karnataka are

Shimsa, sharavathi, Linganamakki,Mahatma Gandhi power station etc.

(6) Write a brief note on river water disputes.

ANS:    River water dispute cause many problems  it is caused due to many rivers flows from more than one country. In case  of Karnataka the Cauvery and Krishna river are the main river for this cause.The catchment of cauvery river in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala,  & Puducherry , where as Krishna rivers flows through Maharashtra ,Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh

Match the following :


1. Linganamakki dam project

hydro electric


Cauvery river
3.Vani Vilas Sagar



Kali river


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