Karnataka Board Class 6 Social Science Part 1 Chapter 9 Citizenship Solution

Karnataka State Board Social Science Social Science Part 1 Class 6 Chapter 9 Citizenship Exercise Question and Answer.



A)Discuss in groups and answer.

1) What is citizenship?

Ans:-Every nation has its system to lead a better life for people and citizenship is like you are the people of that country and you get all the opportunities that the country has offered.

2) List out the features of citizenship?

Ans:-Features of citizenship:

  • You become the people of that country through citizenship.
  • Citizen get all the opportunities that the country has offered.
  • Citizen can get the opportunity to become the minister and the higher to lower position.
  • Citizen has to live according to the construction or law.

3) Describe the method to acquire citizenship?

Ans:- The methods to acquire citizenship:

  • By birth.
  • By inheritance.
  • By registration.
  • By incorporation.

4) Mention the incidents of losing citizenship?

Ans:- Methods of losing citizenship:

  • By renounciation.
  • By termination.
  • By deprivation.

B) Discuss.

1) Why citizenship is needed?

Ans:-Citizenship is very important for the country’s unity and integrity. Through citizenship one can get a better life, become the part of administration and all other facilities that the nation has offered.

2) Make a list of looses one has to undergo due to loss citizenship.


  • He can not vote for any candidate.
  • He can not get any higher and moderate level jobs in that country.
  • His registration will be cancelled.
  • He cannot get any major opportunities in hospital, court and other government places.
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