Karnataka Board Class 6 Social Science Part 1 Chapter 11 Globe And Maps Solution

Karnataka State Board Social Science Social Science Part 1 Class 6 Chapter 11 Globe And Maps Exercise Question and Answer.

A) Answer the following questions.

1) What is a globe?

Ans:-A globe is the exact human made representation of the Earth by which we can get a general concept of Earth.

2) Mention any two uses of globe.

Ans:- Two uses of globe:

  • There are many continents, countries, oceans in the Earth and globe helps us to understand their position.
  • By the globe, we can get geographical information about the mountains, plateaus, plains, deserts , rivers, islands etc.

3) What is a map?

Ans:-Map gives us detailed description about geographical features of countries, continents, oceans, mountains, rivers etc. Basically it is a diagrammatical representation of Earth.

4) Which are the different types of maps?

Ans:-Types of maps are:

  • Maps based on scale.
  1. Large-Scale maps.
  2. Small-Scale maps.
  • Maps based on purpose.
  1. Physical maps.
  2. Political maps.
  3. Distribution maps.

5) Mention any two uses of maps.

Ans:-Two uses of maps are:

  • We can get locations of countries, rivers, oceans and all by the use of map.
  • By the use of map, we can get a transportation benefit. We can see the roads, train lines and all the routes which we want.

6) What is an Atlas?

Ans:-An Atlas is the book which is a collection of various types of maps.

7) What is a scale?

Ans:-A scale helps us to get the distance between two places on the map. It is basically a ratio of distance on the map and corresponding distance on the ground.

8) What are the geographical symbols?

Ans:-The geographical symbol is the sign which identifies the particular object on the map.

9) Which are the major components of a map?

Ans:-The major components of a map:

  • Title
  • Scale
  • Latitudes and longitude.
  • Direction
  • Index or key.

10) What color is used to show the water bodies in the map?

Ans:- Blue is the color which is used to show the water bodies in the map.

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