Karnataka Board Class 6 Social Science Part 1 Chapter 12 Asia – A Land Of Contrasts Solution

Karnataka State Board Social Science Social Science Part 1 Class 6 Chapter 12 Asia – A Land Of Contrasts Exercise Question and Answer



A) Discuss in groups and answer.

1) ‘Asia is land of contrasts’. Why?

Ans:-Asia is the largest continent in the whole world. It has the most mountain peaks, plateaus, river systems, fertile plains, wild life etc. It has a variety of people, climate, soil etc. It has a diversity of language, religion and all. Because of this it is called A land of contrasts.

2) What is the physical setting of Asia?

Ans:-Asia is surrounded by ocean on three sides. There are pacific ocean in the east side, Arctic Ocean in the North and Indian Ocean in the south side.It has a land boundary in one side and it is Europe continent in the west side.

3) Which are the major physical divisions of Asia?

Ans:-There are major five physical divisions of Asia.

  • The North-Western Lowlands.
  • The Central highlands.
  • The southern plateaus.
  • The great plains of rivers.
  • The Island groups.

4) Which is the highest mountains peak in Asia?

Ans:-The highest mountain peak in Asia is Mount Everest.

5) In which season are rains plentiful in Asia?

Ans:-The rains are plentiful is in between June and mid July in Asia.

6) Which are the major staple food crops of Asia?

Ans:-The major staple food crops of Asia are Rice and Wheat.

7) Which is the most important fossil fuel in Asia?

Ans:-Coal is the most important fossil fuel in Asia.

8) Which parts of Asia are very sparsely populated? Why?

Ans:-The Northern and Eastern parts of Siberia are very sparsely populated because there are very cold, there are deserts in Arab, Iran and Thar in India and that’s why it is sparsely populated.

9) Mention any three major industrial regions of Japan.

Ans:-Three major industrial regions of Japan are:

  • The Keihin Region.
  • The Hanshin Region.
  • The Kita Kyushu Region.
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