JKBOSE Class 6 English Tulip Prose Chapter 4 Moosa Ali’s Camel Solution

JKBOSE Class 6 English Tulip Prose Chapter 4 Moosa Ali’s Camel Solution

JKBOSE (Jammu Kashmir State Board Of School Education) Class 6 English Solution Chapter 4 Moosa Ali’s Camel all Exercise Question Answers. Students of JK Board Grade 6 Standard can download all Answer.


1.) Where is the Bactrian Camel found?

Answer: The Bactrian Camel is originally a native of Mangolia where it is called the

Haftkai. However, it is also found in remote areas of the Gobi and Taklamakan deserts in Mangolia and China where it was heavily hunted for its hide and meat.


2.) What is the most noticeable feature of the Bactrian Camel? How does it help the


Answer: The most noticeable feature of the Bactrian camel is its two humps. The humps contain a huge amount of fat, approximately thirty six kgs, which

is used when the food is scarce. This feature gives the camel the ability to live for many days without food.

3.) How does the Bactrian Camel adapt itself to different environment?

Answer:  Bactrian Camel has some features that helps it adapt in different environment. Its hump allows it to live for many days even without food. Its

snowshoe effect prevents sinking in sand as the body weight rests on sole pads with only front ends of the hooves touching the ground. Its long narrow nostril and dense eyelashes efficiently prevent damage from sandstorms.

4.) Is the camel calf happy with Moosa Ali? If yes, why do you think so?

Answer: Yes, the camel calf is happy with Moosa Al because it clings to Moosa Ali. It treats him like its mother.

5.) What are the factors responsible for increase in the population of the Bactrian Camel in Nubra?

Answer: It is a symbiotic relationship or man-animal relationship that is responsible for increase in the population of the Bactrian Camel in Nubra.


Fill in the blanks:

1.) In J&K, the Bactrian Camel is found in Ladakh.

2.) Nubra is the name of Moosa Ali’s village.

3.) The humps of the Camel do not store water but fat which is used when the animal falls short of food.

4.) The Bactrian Camel is also called Hafktai in Mongolia.

5.) The average height of the double humped camel is 7 feetand its weight is 1500 pounds.



1.) Sum up your ideas of a healthy ecosystem in a small paragraph.

Answer: Healthy ecosystem is teamwork and we all need to take care of it. Our ecosystem has many things to offer and in return we need to keep it safe. Already many animals are endangered so it is our responsibility to take care of it. It is very crucial to plant more number of trees so that we can keep a balance in nature.

2.) How is our ecosystem disturbed? Mention at least four causes. One is done for you.

Answer: Deforestation


Unbalanced approach

Endangerment of animals


3.) Write an e-mail informing your friend about the flora and fauna of your place.


Dear Zaveriya,

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to share something really important to you. Recently in our village we planted many trees and this gives me immense happiness. I love the fact that my people are really taking pleasure in planting trees. We all have taken oath not to kill any animal and protect our flora and fauna.

Everyone here understands the importance of the ecosystem and we are trying to keep our nature as safe as much we can.

I hope to see you soon.

4.) Write down the names of any four deserts.

Answer: The Sahara Desert

The Thar Desert

The Antratic Desert

Gobi Desert


Now, fill in the blanks with that/which/who/whose in the following sentences (sometimes you can have a sentence without them):

i.) Do you know the teacher who won this year’s best teacher award?

ii.) The food which we eat gives us energy.

iii.) The picture which she gave me actually belongs to Nisha.

iv.) Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

v.) Agha Shahid Ali was a Kashmiri poet who lived in America.

vi.) This is the house whose walls broke because of yesterday’s earthquake.

vii.) Fruit that contains lot of vitamins is good for health.

viii.) A thief is a person who steals things.

ix.) The man who phoned didn’t tell his name.

x.) An aeroplane is a machine that flies.

II). ‘Lakes’ is the plural of ‘lake’. What is the plural of the following words: (Some words may have it and some may not. Just Check them.)

1.) Watch                    –           Watches

2.) Radio                     –           Radios

3.) Sheep                     –           Sheep

4.) Daughter                –           Daughters

5.) Palace                     –           Palaces

6.) Knife                      –           Knives

7.) Shrine                     –           Shrines

8.) Army                      –           Armies

9.) Toy                         –           Toys

10.) Kashmiri –           Kashmiris

11.) Cat                       –           Cats

12.) Leaf                     –           Leaves

13.) Room                   –           Rooms

14.) Baby                    –           Babies

15.) Lorry                    –           Lorries

16.) Ox                        –           Oxen

17.) Cow                     –           Cows

18.) Tomato                 –           Tomatoes

19.) Carrot                   –           Carrots

20.) Fruit                     –           Fruits

21.) Novel                   –           Novels

22.) Book                    –           Books

23.) Chip                     –           Chips

24.) Fly                        –           Flies

25.) News                    –           News

26.) Bookcase             –           Bookcases

27.) Workman             –           Workmen

28.) Classroom            –           Classrooms

29.) Teapot                  –           Teapots

30.) Inkpot                  –           Inkpots

31.) Camel                   –           Camels

32.) Advice                 –           Advice

  1. )Information – Information

34.) Fish                      –           Fish/ Fishes

35.) Pony                     –           Pony

37.) Deer                     –           Deer

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