JKBOSE Class 6 English Tulip Poem Chapter 6 What Do We Plant Solution

JKBOSE Class 6 English Tulip Poem Chapter 6 What Do We Plant Solution

JKBOSE (Jammu Kashmir State Board Of School Education) Class 6 English Solution Chapter 6 What Do We Plant all Exercise Question Answers. Students of JK Board Grade 6 Standard can download all Answer.


Answer these questions:

  1. Would you agree with the poet that trees are mainly planted for the uses that he mentions? Are there other uses?

Answer: Yes, I agree with the poet that trees are planted and also cut fir the uses that he mentions. But there are other major uses of trees like giving us fresh air, giving us fruits, flowers and variety of medicinal herbs.


2.) Many uses can easily be met with other materials. Identify those uses where we can use other material (iron, for instance) and thus save the trees.

Answer: Silver and other metals can be usedto make other materials rather than cutting down trees.


3.) What does the poet mean when he says, “We plant the house when we plant the tree.”?

Answer: The poet wants to say that when we get all the necessary materials from the tree for building houses. So when we plant a tree, we get materials to build a house.


4.) ‘We plant the shade, from the hot sun free.’ What does this line suggest about the importance of trees?

Answer: One of the best things that trees offer is that it provides us shade which protects us from the sun.


5.) How many times is the question, ‘What do we plant when we plant the tree?’ repeated in the poem? Why do you think the poet does this?

Answer: The above line is repeated three times in the poem. By using the repetition of the above line, the poet wants to emphasis on the importance of the trees.


6.) What will happen if we keep on only ‘using’ the trees?

Answer:  If we keep using trees for our selfish purpose, we will definitely face scarcity of many things in the future. There would no longer be food, water and other basic things that are needed for our survival.

7.) Add three more words of your own to each row that rhyme with the words given:

i.) Tree, three, we, knee, see, plea

ii.) Ship, tip, lip, trip, whip, slip

iii.) You, sue, chew, clue, screw, due

iv.) Shade, made, fade, grade, blade, bade

v.) Parts, carts, charts, tarts, arts, farts

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