Haryana SCERT Class 4 English Chapter 12 Hurt of Living Thing Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 4 English Chapter 12 Solution – Hurt of Living Thing. Here in this post we provides Class 4 English Hurt of Living Thing Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class IV Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 4 English  Chapter 12   Hurt of Living Thing Solution:


I) Read the following statements and write T if they are true and F if false.

1) Moth has colourful wings.

Ans: – True

2) Cricket sings in a cheerful way.

Ans: – True

3) Grasshoppers can jump high in the air.

Ans: – False.

4) We should not hurt any living thing.

Ans: – True.

II) Answer the following questions.

1) What does the poet ask us not to do?

Ans: – The poet ask us not to hurt any living things.

2) What quality of cricket is highlighted in the poem?

Ans: – The quality of cricket is highlighted in the poem is that it has cheerful voice.

3) What do you think is the colour of the wing of the moth?

Ans: – The colour of the wings of the moth is dusty type which the poet suggest in this poem.

4) What is the poet trying to suggest in the poem?

Ans: – The poet trying to suggest that each of us or anyone living in this world should be live in peaceful no one should heart any other.


I) Pick out opposites of the following words from the poem and write them.

harmful ____harmless__________

 sadly ______happily________

thin ____fat__________

 heavy _____light_________

dead _____alive_________

bright ____dark__________

Write at least five more words that take ‘less’ and ‘ful’ as suffixes.


 _____Beautiful_________ _




Fill in the blanks by choosing appropriate words from the box.

Beautiful;useless; careless; careful; thankful;

1)  My mother is always _____careful_________. She crosses the road at the Zebra crossing.

2) They are very _____thankful_________ for all the help that they have got.

3) The rainbow after the rain yesterday was ____beautiful__________.

4) My brother dropped his mobile phone into the bath tub and now it is ___useless___________.

5) Our maid was ____careless__________. She broke our dinner set.

‘Dusty’ in ‘Dusty wing’ is a describing word in which suffix ‘-y’ has been added to the noun ‘dust’. Add ‘y’ to each of the following nouns to form the adjectives and use them in your own sentences. One has been done for you.

Noun Adjective Sentence
rain rainy I always enjoy rainy day.
cloud cloudy It’s cloudy now.
Dirt Dirty Don’t wear dirty clothes.
Air Areal The areal view is nice.
Shine Shiny The jewellery is shiny all time.
storm Stormy According to weather department yesterday will be stormy weather.



I) Now add ‘-ly’ to the words in brackets and complete the sentences.

1) Read your lesson ___silently_________. (silent)

2) We heard the news ____happily________. (happy)

3)  Ritu sang ___sweetly_________. (sweet)

4)  The baby is crying ____loudly________. (loud)

5) He did his work ____properly________. (proper).

6) He fought ____bravely________. (brave).

In the phrase ‘living things’ living is an adjective. It tells us that the things are alive and not dead. Similarly, in the ‘barking dogs’ barking is an adjective.

Now think of V+ing (e.g. live+ing = living; bark+ing = barking) type of adjectives that modifies the following nouns. Pick out the appropriate V+ing given in the box and write it before the particular word given below.

drinking ;writing;shining ;dining; frying;

swimming ;flowing; racing; saving; walking;

jumping;bathing ;washing; dancing; burning;

_____Dining___________ table

______flowing__________ river

_________Shining_______ stars

______waking__________ stick

_______drinking_________ water

 ______bathing__________ soap

______frying__________ pan

______Washing__________ machine

______Dancing__________ frog

_____jumping___________ doll

______swimming__________ suit

 ____Racing____________ car

______writing__________ pad

_______saving_________ account

______burning__________ candle.



Imagine that you plan to visit a zoo next week. Write a paragraph describing your plan. You may include the following information.

1) What time you will go

2) How you will go

3) With whom you will go there

4) What you will carry with you

5) What you will do there

6) How long you will stay there

Ans: – I have a plan to visit a zoo in next week after summer vacation. I will go there by bus. I will go there with my family. I will carry my camera as well as some my small bag also. I will go everywhere in the zoo. I will stay whole in the zoo there.

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