Haryana SCERT Class 3 English Chapter 7 The Mouse and the Pencil Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 3 English Chapter 7 Solution – The Mouse and the Pencil. Here in this post we provides Class 3 English The Mouse and the Pencil Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class III Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 3 English Chapter 7 The Mouse and the Pencil Solution:


I.) Answer the following questions.

1)Why did the mouse want to bite the pencil?

Ans: – As the mouse looking something for eating he wants to bite the pencil.

2) How many circles did the pencil draw to make the cat?

Ans: – The pencil draw three circles to make the cat.

3) Why did the mouse run away looking at the picture?

Ans: – The mouse thought that this cat in image is real one and he runs away.

4) If you were a pencil, what would you draw?

Ans: – Do yourself.

  1. Write in the box T for true and F for false statements.

1)The mouse found a pen.

Ans: – False

2) The mouse liked the cucumber.

Ans: – True

3) The pencil drew a lion.

Ans: – False

4) The mouse ran away in terror.

Ans: – True.


I) You have a pencil box in your bag. There are many things you have in it. Write down names of these things in the boxes. One has been done for you.

Ans: –

II) Find out the names of five vegetables in the grid given below. Draw a circle around each word you find. Write their names in the space given below. One has been done for you.

III.) Look at the picture of a classroom. Find out as many things as you can in the picture and write their names in the space given below.

One has been done for you.

1.) ____Books_____________

 2.) ____chair________

3.) ___Table______________

4.) ____Black board_______

5.) ____Benches_____________

6.) ____Chalk_____________

7.) ____Duster_____________

 8.) ___pen_________

9.) _____Dustbin____________

10.) ________Maps_________

IV.) Look at the following shapes and write their names in space given.

Ans: –


For the teacher

Fill in the blanks using is/am/are.

1) Rocky __is_____ a student of class III.

2) She __is_____ my sister.

3) You __are_____ a good runner.

4) Apple __is_____ a fruit.

5) We ___are____ Indians.

6) He ___is____ a good player.

7) They ___are____ farmers.

Rewrite the following sentences by putting full stop (.) or sign of interrogation (?) at the appropriate places.

1) Are you coming with me.

Ans: – Are you coming with me?

2) I don’t know this person

Ans: – I don’t know this person.

3) Give me your pen

Ans: – Give me your pen.

4) Will you help me

Ans: – Will you help me?

5) Where is your book

Ans: – Where is your book?

6) Is this your pen

Ans: – Is this your pen?

7) Keep quiet

Ans: – Keep quiet.

8) May I come in, sir

Ans: – May I come in, sir?


II.) Complete the following story by choosing appropriate words from the Help Box.

Task;mice;mouse;idea;unhappy;cat; house; bell;

Once, some mice lived in a house. There was enough to eat in the ____house______. The ___mice_______ lived happily. One day a cat saw the mice. Every day she caught a ___mouse_______ and ate it up. The mice were __unhappy________. One day the mice of the house gathered and decided to kill the _____cat_____, but a little mouse disagreed as it was a difficult ___task_______. An old mouse suggested an ____idea______ to bell the cat so that when the cat came, all the mice could hear the ringing of the ____bell______ and they could get a chance to escape. But the other mice asked who would bell the cat.

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