Fermium ( Fm ):

Define: Fermium is inner transition metal place at 11th number in actinides series. It is heaviest metal . It is found by neutron bombardment of lighter element . It is found in macroscopic quantity. It is toxic in nature .

Discovery : Fermium is discovered in 1952 by scientist Albert Gholso and colleagues

Origin of name : The name Fermium is gives after nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi

Physical properties :

Atomic symbol: atomic symbol of fermium is Fm

Atomic number : atomic number of fermium is 100

In fermium 100 proton and 100 electron is present

Atomic weight/ mass: Atomic weight of fermium is 257Amu

In fermium 100 proton and 157neutron is present

Position : it is place in periodic table at 7th period and actinides group

Block : It is place in f block

Colour : fermium show silvery colour

Nature : fermium is found in solid form

Boiling point :boiling point of fermium is unknown

Melting point : melting point of fermium is 1527 0C


  •  257Fm: atomic weight of this isotope is 257.09 Amu

In this isotope 100 proton ,100 electron and 157 neutron is present

Chemical properties :

Electronic configuration

Electronic configuration of fermium is [ Rn ] 5f12 7s2

Electronic configuration in concert of shell is 2,8,18,32,30,8,2

Electronic structure

Valency :valency of Fermium is 2 or 3

Atomic radius : Atomic radius of Fermium is 245 Pm


  • it is use only in research field


Question and Answer:

Q1. Define Fermium

Q2. Who discovered Fermium?

Q2. Physical properties of Fermium

Q4. Write Atomic Symbol of Fermium.

Q5. Write the Atomic number of Fermium.

Q6. On which block Fermium element is present?

Q7. What is the color of Fermium?

Q8. What is the Boiling point of Fermium?

Q9. What is the Melting point of Fermium?

Q10. Write the Isotopes of Fermium.

Q11. Show Electronic configuration of Fermium.

Q12. Write Electronic Structure of Fermium.

Q13. What is the Valency of Fermium?

Q14. Write the uses of Fermium element.

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