Chhattisgarh State Class 9 Science Chapter 18 Solution

Chhattisgarh State Board Class 9 Science Chapter 18 Waste and its Management Exercise Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks, Questions and Answers here.

Chhattisgarh State Class 9 Science Chapter 18 Solution

1) Choose the correct option –

(i) Which is the best level of sorting out wastes among the following?

(a) At source (b) At community collection area

(c) At landfill (d) sorting out not required.

Ans: – option (a) at source.

(ii) Which substances can be decomposed easily using microorganisms?

(a) Substances made of metal (b) biodegradable substances

(c) electronic substances (d) Plastics.

Ans: – option (b) biodegradable substances.

(iii) Organism helpful for composting is

(a) Earthworm (b) frog

(c) lizard (d) hen.

Ans: – option (a) Earthworm.

2) What is waste?

Ans: – The waste is different types like the waste of our home, industrial waste, hospital waste etc. This is nothing but the unused or the remaining substance from uses part which are seen by different uses.

3) Write a note on the process of decomposition.

Ans: – The remaining of various material or substance which we are using in our daily life are kept or placed in different places but at last that waste mixed with soil or water. In that situation the waste is decompose in various method like autolysis, active decay, fresh, decay skeleton. In this various process the waste mixed with the soil and water.

4) Why should sorting out of waste be done at the source itself?

Ans: – The material of waste should be sorted according to their uses which helps to find it out the dangerous effect of that compound to the environment. The sorting is very necessary as well as for the transportation of the material from one place to another places.

5) Write about at least 3 problems that will arise due to collection of waste at an area.

Ans: – The problem that would be happen when there is waste dumped in our locality are –

  • First the toxic gas will be mixed in that area to the air and make the area polluted.
  • The water resources nearly will be affected.
  • The nearby locality will be affected by the unhygienic environment.

6) Define recycling of wastes and write about its advantages.

Ans: – The recycling is the process by which we can make a unused substance for our useful elements. The various wasted material is recycled now a days as there are very much used of them which reduce the raw material prices for the industry. The demand of any material can be filled by the reuses of that material if possible.  The recycling also reduces the pressure of the primary sector.

7) What are the substances needed to prepare compost?

Ans: – The substance which are used for prepare for the compost are organic material. This organic material are dead leaves, twigs manure, lawn clipping, fruit rinds.

8) What all did you learn about the ways of waste management from the example of Srinivas from Vellore?

Ans: – He started categorizing wastes into 18-20 categorise like Paper, cardboard, iron, aluminium, plastic etc. This material was sorted out and sold to the waste collectors. Remaining waste that would largely decompose also sorted out into groups. Srinivas then started keeping animals and fed most of the waste that could be eaten by them.

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