Chhattisgarh State Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 1 Solution

CG SCERT Chhattisgarh State Board Class 6 Social Science (History) Chapter 1 Sources of History Exercises Questions and Answers.


(1) Singhanpur caves are situated near __________

Ans: – Chattisgarh

(2) Those who search for old things are called __________

Ans: – Archeologists

(3) Mahant Ghasidas Museum is at ________

Ans: – Raipur

(4) Rock painting made on Kabara hills are of the times of the _____________

Ans: – early man

(5) ____________ found from Kirari village is of his torical importance.

Ans: – Wooden inscription.


(1) Mahabharata Rock paintings
(2) Pali Collection of rare things
(3) Kabara hill Book
(4) Museum Writing engraved on rocks
(5) Stone inscription Ancient language


(a) Histroy is the study of the kings and emperors only.

Ans: – No

(b) Rock paintings of shingahpur caves are of the times of early man.

Ans: – Yes

(c) Writtings engraved on metal plates are called Bhoja Patra.

Ans: – No


(1) What is history?

Ans: – History is very interesting and exciting matter. It is the strong of our development. By reading history we can learn a lot about our civilization and tradition.

(2) What are the sources of knowing history?

Ans: – Manuscripts, inscription, monuments archaeological source materials, tools, utensils, weapons coins etc. are the sources of knowing history.

(3) In which language were the ancient texts written?

Ans: – The ancient texts were written in either Pali or Prakrit languages.

(4) Who is an archeologis?

Ans: – Archeologist is a person who excavates and studies the material remains of the past.

(5) Why is it necessary to know history?

Ans: – It is essential to know how we were earlier. To understand the present, knowledge of the past is a must. That is why it is necessary to know history.

(6) How do the ancient things us about the History?


How can we now the history by the ancient things?

Ans: – All the ancient things like old houses, mansions, temples, coins etc. Give us information about history. These are the proofs of the happenings of that time ols houses also tell us about the art of construction of that time. In the same manner, old coins, tools, ornaments etc. also provide a lot of information. By the study of old books we can learn about the society, cities, customs and traditions of that time.

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