Chhattisgarh State Class 6 Social Science Geography Chapter 4 Solution

Chhattisgarh State Board Class 6 Geography Chapter 4 Maps Exercise Answer the following questions, Tick the correct answers, Fill in the blanks here.

1.) Answer the following quest ions briefly.

(a) What are the three components of a map?


There are three (3) components of maps.

Distance, direction and symbols are three (3) components of maps.

(b) What are the four cardinal directions?


North, South, East and west are the 4 cardinal directions.

(c) What do you mean by the term ‘the scale of the map’?


Scale is defined as “The distance on the ground can be minimized by certain ratio on the distance shown by map is called Scale”

(d) How are maps more helpful than a globe?


I) by using globe we only study about the earth surfaces.

ii) By using Maps we actually study countries, states, villages, towns, population and geographical information on the earth surfaces.


(e) Distinguish between a map and a plan.



Map is used to drawing large areas such as countries, states and towns in small scales.


Plan is used to drawing small areas such as measurement of plots, rooms in large scale.

 (f) Which map provides detailed information?


Atlas maps provides detailed information about anything present on earth surfaces.

(g) How do symbols help in reading maps?


i) There are various symbols are used in maps.

ii) These symbols are formed by letters, colours, and pictures.

iii) These symbols gives information about any space or area on map which we don’t know.

iv) These symbols are easy to drawn and easy to read.

 2.) Tick the correct answers.

 (a) Maps showing distribution of forests are

(i) Physical map (ii) Thematic Map (iii) Political map


Maps showing distribution of forests areThematic Map.

(b) The blue colour is used for showing

(i) Water bodies (ii) Mountains (iii) Plains


The blue colour is used for showingWater bodies

 (c) A compass is used –

(i) To show symbols (ii) To find the main direction (iii) To measure distance


A compass is used to find the main direction.

(d) A scale is necessary

(i) For a map (ii) For a sketch (iii) For symbols


A scale is necessaryFor a map.

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