Category: Class 9

Power Class 9 Physics

Power Hey students here we are going to learn about the concept of power. Consider the following examples to understand concept of power in detail. Imagine your teacher asked you to lift a heavy cupboard and keep is outside, he selected four boys from std. X and four from std.VII. Can you guess which group […]

Units of energy Class 9 Physics

Units of energy Hello students, we know that energy is capacity of doing work. Hence magnitude of energy is always equal to that of work. Therefore the SI unit of work and energy are same i.e. joule. Whereas joule is small unit, so to represent energy in higher extent we need to use some commercial […]

Potential Energy Class 9 Physics

Potential Energy Hey students we already learned that, ‘the energy possessed by a body due to its shape/size/position or mass is known as potential energy’. E.g. stone at rest on the peak of mountain, water stored in reservoir or dams, we possessed potential energy while watching television you are sitting on chair etc. So let’s […]

Kinetic Energy Class 9 Physics

Kinetic Energy Hey students we already learned that, ‘the energy possessed by a body due to its motion is known as kinetic energy’. E.g. Athletes running on a track possess kinetic energy, bullet fired from gun is also an example of kinetic energy. So let’s derive the formula for kinetic energy of a body/object. Imagine […]

Forms of Energy Class 9 Physics

Forms of Energy We have studied about the meaning of energy in previous articles. Here we are going to discuss the different forms of energy that helps us to perform the work. So let us discuss the different forms of energy as below. You must have experienced different forms of energy such as light, heat, […]

Energy Class 9 Physics

Energy Hey guys, in this article we are going to learn most interesting and essential article, i.e. energy. Just think on the following examples 1) what make possible for us to see the things around? 2) What is factor involved in cooking of food using gas burner? How athletes can manage practice of running, jump […]

Work Class 9 Physics

Work Hello students, in this article we are going to deal with the important article i.e. work. We are familiar with concept of force. Force has ability to change the position of a body. Force can change the state of object from one place to another and produces displacement. Remember in your childhood you must […]