CBSE Assertion Reason Questions for Class 7 Social Science

What are Assertion Reason Questions?

Assertion Reason Questions are designed such that students are able to evaluate between an assertion and the reason behind that assertion. It allows the teachers to evaluate the level of understanding among their students on a particular chapter.

Students are required to solve the questions in accordance with the requirements of the teacher or the NCERT Social Science Textbook for Class 7. The student has to evaluate whether a reason is able to justify a certain statement or assertion.

Assertion type questions generally comprises two main sections: an assertion or a statement and the reason for that statement.

Assessment Reason Questions are utilised not only by class 7 students but also in various competitive exams across the country. In this article we will look at how our guide on CBSE Assertion Reason Questions for Class 7 Social Science will be able to help students to answer logical questions from Social Science subjects such as Geography, History and Civics.

Assertion Reason Questions for Class 7 Social Science (History, Geo., Civics)

In order to enable class 7 students to answer the Assertion Reason Questions for Social Science we have created this guide in accordance with CBSE standards. In order to answer an assertion reason question it is important for the students to first get an understanding of each of the chapters of the Class 7 Social Science NCERT Textbooks and their respective contents.

This guide allows students to get an understanding of the subject-matter of each Chapters. The guide does this by providing students step-by-step explanation of each Assertion Reason Questions. The systematic approach to answering each question will allow students to understand how to approach each type of assertion statements and enable the students to validate the reason behind the statements.

By understanding the reasoning and the causal relations, students will be able to answer every question that will come their way. Social Science is a subject that requires meticulous reading of the subject matter.

This is mainly because Social Science includes subjects such as Geography, History and Civics. In order to ease the learning and to help develop logical reasoning skills, the below guide has been developed.

Furthermore, the CBSE Assertion Reason Questions for Class 7 Social Science guide also aims to develop the analytical skills of students by clearing each concept of each chapter. It is also important to note that “practice makes perfect”, this is because there are a number of causal and logical relations in events and actions around.

This is important as in order to answer social questions from subjects such as History and civics, the students will require high analytical skills. Thus by practising the CBSE Assertion Reason Questions for Class 7 Social Science Guide, students can develop the logical reasoning which is the aim of the question.

  • Chapter 1. Introduction: Tracing Changes Through a Thousand Years
  • Chapter 2. Kings and Kingdoms
  • Chapter 3. Delhi: 12th to 15th Century
  • Chapter 4. The Mughals (16th to 17th Century)
  • Chapter 5. Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities
  • Chapter 6. Devotional Paths to the Divine
  • Chapter 7. The Making of Regional Cultures
  • Chapter 8. Eighteenth-Century Political Formations



Key Takeaways

CBSE Assertion Reason Questions for Class 7 Social Science Guidebook has been tailored in such a way that it makes it easier for students to understand the reasoning behind any assertion. The guide has followed CBSE guidelines to formulate each solution in the guide. Furthermore, the explanations provided will help students to apply their analytical skills not only for good marks in exams but can also apply it in their daily lives. However, reaching academic success requires hard work and commitment, hence we suggest that students should use this guide as soon and as extensively as possible.

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