The Delhi Sultans Class 7 Extra Questions Solution

NCERT Class 7 History Chapter 3 The Delhi Sultans Extra Questions and Answers.  CBSE Class 7 History Chapter 3 Extra Questions.

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  • Subject : Social Science History.
  • Level : Class – 7.
  • Chapter: 3.
  • Topic : The Delhi Sultans Extra Questions.

MCQ Type Extra Questions and Answers

(1) Which dynasty ruled in Delhi from 1290 CE 1320 CE ?

(a) Tugh;aq dynasty

(b) Khilji dynasty

(c) Sayyaid dynasty

(d) Lodhi dynasty

Ans:- (b) Khilji dynasty

 (2) Who started a new department for slaves during his rule in Delhi?

(a) Feroz Shah Tughlaq

(b) Iltutmish

(c) Daulat Khan Lodhi

(d) Muhammad –bin-Tughlaq

Ans:- (a) Feroz Shah Tughlaq

(3) Who founded the Sayyid dynasty in Delhi ?

(a) Ala-ud-din Khiji

(b) Razia Sultan

(c) Ibrahim Lodhi

(d) Khizr Khan

Ans:- (d) Khizr Khan

4.) Sher Shah captured Delhi by defeating ____

(a) Babur

(b) Humayun

(c) Akbar

(d) Jahangir

Ans – (b) Humayun

(5) Who was the last ruler of Delhi Sultanate?

(a) Ibrahim Lodhi

(b) Babur

(c) Khizr khan

(d) Daulat Khan Lodhi

Ans:- (a) Ibrahim Lodhi

6.) Who composed the biography of Sultana Raziyya?-

(a) Al-Biruni

(b) Iban Batuta

(c) Minhaj-i-Siraj

(d) Abul Fazal.

Ans – (c) Minhaj-i-Siraj


Very Short Answer Type Extra Questions and Answers

(1) Who was Khizr Khan?


The founded of Sayyid dynasty

2) How many dynasties ruled during the Delhi Sultanate?


Five dynasties ruled during the Delhi Sultanate.

(3) Which Sultan converted his currency into copper coins ?


Sultan Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq

(4) Which of the Delhi Sultanate shifted his capital to Devagir in he South?


Sultan Muhammad- bin- Tughlaq

(5) Who was the founder of Delhi Sultanate?


Qutbudding Aybak

(6) Who completed the construction of Qutub Minar?


Ittutmish completed the constructed of Qutub Minar.

(7) Where did the word ‘Tawarikh’ derive from?

Ans. From Persian language.

(8) Who was the greatest ruler of the Khalji dynasty?

Ans. Alauddin Khalji

(9) Who stared the new department for slaves called Diwan-e-Bandgaan?


Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq

(10) What was the official language of the Delhi Sultanate?



Short Answer Type Extra Questions and Answers

(1) Who is Malik Kafur ?


Malik Kafur was the slave and then military chieftain of Sultan Alau-din-khiji.

 (2) Where is the popularly known ‘Dhai din ka jhopra’ located?


The popularly known ‘Dhai din ka Jhopra’ is in Ajmer.

 (3) Which Sufi saint saw the rule of seven of the Delhi Sutanate ?


Amir  Khusro  is said witness the rule of seven different sultans of the Delhi Sultanate.

(4) Which dynasty ruled for the shorted span of time in Delhi Sultanate ?


The Khilji dynasty ruled for the shorted span in the Delhi Sultanate

(5) What is the meaning of the world ‘Lakhbuksh’ ?


The one who forgives a million of people.

Long Answer Type Extra Questions and Answers

(3) How did Lodhi dynasty come to an end ?


Ibrahim Lodhi was an inefficient ruler .

He was not vidionary and seldom listen to the of his uncle Daulat Khan Lodhi.

He was dethroned by his own and Rajput ruler Rana Sangha through conspiracy.

His  uncle invited Babur to dethrone him and  later Babur became the next ruler of Delhi.

Babur attacked Delhi and defeated Ibahim Lodhi in the first Battle of  Paniput in 1526 CE, and this is how the Lodhi dynasty came to an end.

Source: Diksha.

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