New Kings And Kingdoms Class 7 Extra Questions Solution

New Kings And Kingdoms Class 7 Extra Questions History Chapter 2 Solution

NCERT Class 7 History Chapter 2 New Kings And Kingdoms Extra Questions and Answers.  CBSE Class 7 History Chapter 2 Extra Questions.

All Questions & Answers are very important because all are taken from Diksha government Education portal.

  • Subject : Social Science History.
  • Level : Class – 7.
  • Chapter: 2
  • Topic : New Kings And Kingdoms Extra Questions.

MCQ Type Extra Questions and Answers

(1) Somnath telple was plundered by

(a) Muhammad Ghori

(b) Prithviraj

(c) Rajaraja

(d) Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni

Ans:- (d) Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni

(2) Which one of the following rulers performed the ritual called hiranya garbha?

(a) Kadamba Mayursharman.

(b) Harichandra.

(c) Prithviraja III

(d) dantidurga

Ans:- (d) dantidurga

3.) Sultan Mahamud raided India for –

(a) Eleven times

(b) Thirteen times

(c) Fifteen times

(d) Seventeen times.

Ans – (d) Seventeen times.

(4) Prashastis were composed by

(a) Kings.

(b) Samantas.

(c) Armymen.

(d) Learned brahmanas.

Ans:- (d) Learned brahmanas.

5.) In the ancient India a strong navy was established by the ____

(a) Rashtrakutas

(b) Chalukyas

(c) Cholas

(d) Pandayas

Ans – (c) Cholas

Very Short Answer Type Extra Questions and Answers

1.) What was the land revenue of Chola known as?


The land revenue of the Chola was known as Kidmai.

(2) Who wrote Kitab-ul-Hind?


Kitlab-ul-Hind was written by a great arab poet Al-Bruni.

3.) Which Chola ruler conquered Bengal?


Rajendra Chola conquered Bengal by defeating the Palas.

(4) Name the famous caves having a well carving of Vishnu as Narsimha, the man-lion, done during the Rastrakuta period.


Ellora caves.

5.) Which dynasty Mayursharman belong to?


Mayursharman belonged to Kadamba dynasty

(6) Name the most distinctive associated with  chola tempes.


Making of bronze statues.

7.) Who was the founder of the Chola empire?


Vijayalaya was the founder of the Chola empire

8.) Which dynasty Prithviraj III belong to?


Prithviraj III belonged to the Chauhan dynasty

Short Answer Type Extra Questions and Answers

 (1) Why did the rulers choose temples as their targets when attacked upon one another’s kingdoms during era?


Rulers to demonstrate their power ans resources by building large temples during medival era. So, when they attacked one another’s  kingdoms, they often chose to target temples, which were sometimes extremely rich.

(2) Give account of various types taxes as applicable in Chola empire.


The inscriptions of the cholas who ruled Tamil Nadu refer to more than 400 terms for different kinds of   taxes. The most frequently mentioned tax is vetti taken not  in cash but in the form of  forced  labour, and kadami or land revenue. There were also taxes on the thatching the house, the use of ladder to climb palm trees, on succession to family property, etc.

(3) How were the members of Sabha Chosen ?


The sabha had separate committees to look after irrigation works, gardens temples ect.  Name  of those to be members of these committees were written on tickets of palm leaf;  these were put into an earthenware pot,  from which a young boy asked to take out the tickets one by one for each committee.

Long Answer Type Extra Questions and Answers

part of this kingdom. Rajaraja I expanded control over most these areas. his son rajendra I raided the Ganga valley,  Sri Lanka and countries of southeast Asia, developing a navy for these expeditions.

Source: Disksha.

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