Telangana SCERT Class 8 Biology Chapter 11 Why do we fall ill Solution

Telangana SCERT Class 8 Biology Chapter 11 Solution – Why do we fall ill. Here in this post we provides Class 8 Biology Why do we fall ill Telangana State Board Solution.  Telangana State Board English Class VIII Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Improve Your Learning Questions and Answers.

Telanagana State Board Class 8 Biology Chapter 11 Why do we fall ill Solution:

(1) A doctor/Nurse/health worker is exposed to more sick people than others in the community. Find out now she/he avoids getting sick herself/himself.

Ans: – They are following all this steps to avoids getting sick

(1) They must wearing gloves.

(2) They should wash their hands before and after the treatment of the patient.

(3) They should wearing clean clothes and regular wash them.

(4) They must use sanitizers and disinfectants wherever required.

(5) Keep cleaning the work place by using phenyl.

(2) Differentiate the infective and non infective diseases?

Ans: – Diseases where microbes are the immediate causes called non infective diseases.

In infective diseases the microbes than can spread in the community.

Infective diseases can spread from unhealthy person to healthy person.

Diseases don not spread from infected person to healthy person.

Infective diseases cause by external factors examples – Pathogens

Non infective diseases caused by internal factors examples – Genetic abnormality.

Examples of infective diseases – High blood pressure, Diabetes etc.

(3) Why acute diseases become chronic diseases?

Ans: – A cute and chronic diseases have different effects on our health. Any disease that causes poor functioning of some part of the body will affect our general health as well so when a mild diseases is not treated at time it become seven and sometimes chronic.

For example a mild pain in stomach due to spicy food can results in ulcer formation or major liver problems.

These are many diseases like liver diseases, asthma etc that can become choric with time if not timely treated.

(5) Ramu was affected with small pox. What advice do you give Ramu for not spreading the disease?

Ans: – Chicken pox ix a communicable disease which can be transferred through the contact of infected to non-infected persons. So stay or maintain some distances from the infected person and stay only in one room and so not go out. So that it won’t spread because it transmit from one person to another through sneezes talks and cough.

(6) How do you appreciate the role of vaccine in preventing disease?

Ans: – Vaccination is the most effective method to preventing infectious diseases. Vaccine is given to healthy person before getting disease. Vaccine plays an important and vital role to protect us from many dangerous diseases. There are various vaccines for several diseases.

Like – Typhoid, cholera, D.P.T. So we should appreciate the role of vaccine.

(7) Prepare a questions are to collect the information from your local helath worker about spread of diseases?

Ans: – The questions are following –

(1) What are the vaccines given at early childhood?

(2) What happens if we do not stop spreading of diseases?

(3) How diseases are spreaded?

(4) What are the agents of spreading diseases?

(5) Write some name of disease caused by micro organisms?

(8) How many times did you fall ill in the last one year? What were the illnesses?

Ans: – I will ill twice in the last year and the diseases were viral fever and normal cold.

(a) Think of one change you could make in your habits in order to avoid any of / most of the above illness.

Ans: – (i) Take care of our drinking water

(ii) Take care of our surrounding and see our surrounding must be clean.

(iii) I will live in a clean environment where disease spreading vectors will not multiply.

(b) Think of one change you would wish for in your surroundings in order to avoid any of / most of the above illness?

Ans: – Remove and clean the stagnant water of our surrounding and avoiding accumulation of garbage.

Because if our surrounding is clean. So we can take clean breathe.

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