Telangana SCERT Class 7 Science Chapter 6 Weather And Climate Solution

Telangana SCERT Class 7 Science Chapter 6 Solution – Weather And Climate. Here in this post we provides Class 7 Science Weather And Climate Telangana State Board Solution.  Telangana State Board English Class VII Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Improve Your Learning Questions and Answers.

Telanagana State Board Class 7 Science Chapter 6 Weather And Climate Solution:

Question 1: What aspects should you observe to know and predict the weather of your village?

Ans. The aspects of weather are –

i) Temperature

ii) Rainfall

iii) Wind direction

iv) Humidity

v) Classification of clouds.

i) A clear sky indicates bright weather.

ii) Heat of the sun shows higher and lower temperature.

iii) Blue clouds shows fair weather but dark puffy clouds reprsents rain forming / rain falling on.

iv) Wind direction can be predict the fine or poor weather.

The weather is a complex phenomenon that it can very over very short period of time. Sometimes it is sunny in the morning but clouds appear from somewhere and it starts raining. After few minutes weather also changing and gives bright sunshine.

Question 2: Read a newspaper, collect the weather reports in it. Write about the various elements of the weather mentioned in the report.

ans. The daily weather report gives us the information about the temperature humidity, rainfall during the past 24 hours and also predict that days weather.

The various elements of the weather report are –

i) Date

ii) Maximum temperature.

iii) Minimum temperature

iv) Rainfall

v) Speed of wind

vi) Humidity (Minimum / Maximum)

vii) sunrise

viii) Sunset

ix) Pressure

x) Cloudiness etc….

Question 3: Where is the meteorological department in your area? How is it useful to you?

Ans. The meteorological department in our area is Begumpet, Hyderabad.

The meteorological department collect and provide date about all atmosphere factors and also give us emergency news, natural disasters etc. We get information in advance about the storms, sea waves etc. This department also provides rain forecasting news. So it is useful to us to know about weather condition in advance.

Question 4: If it is hot and sweaty at a place. What could be the possible reasons for that?

Ans. The quantity of moisture in the air is the humidity of the place.

If the humidity is high when it is hot, we feel sweaty. Because high rate of humidity does not allow the sweat to evaporate.

Question 5. True / False. Give Reasons

a.) Minimum temperature is recorded in early morning.


Reason:- Menimum temperature is recorded in early morning accurate. It is usually done before the sunrise and also there is no sun on sky, Then the temperature come out better or cooler.

b.) The direction and speed of wind is found by an Anemometer.

Ans. False

Reason:- The direction and speed of wind is measured by an Anemometer.

c.) In summer the winds blow towards the earth from the seas/ocean in the afternoon

Ans. True.

Reason:- Wind that blows to the earth from seas or oceans are sea breeze.

d.) In our state the maximum temperature is recorded in the month of July.

Ans. True

Reason:- In our Telangana state the maximum temperature is recorded in the July month. That is 43 degrees.

(7) Why do people need and observe weather?

Ans: – People observe weather because –

Farmer’s agriculture on weather forecasting for plan their agriculture activities.

People observe weather for making their decision or planning to celebrate a function to the family. Engineers observe weather to build building.

So these weather observation effects our daily life.

(8) Explain these symbols used in a weather forecast report.

Ans: –

(1) Sunny

(2) Cloudy partly

(3) Overcast/Cloudy

(4) Rain (heavy)

(5) Snowy

(6) Thunder strom

(9) Collect the weather reports from the news papers and make a profile of the weather in a city.


Month Average temperature in Celsius degrees Average Rainfall in millimetres
January 22 6
February 29 2
March 28
April 30
May 32 3
Jun 34 3
July 30 8
August 29 16
September 29 9
October 27 16
November 29 22
December 28 15

Hyderabad city maximum temperature never exceeded 34oc the average maximum temperature in the hottest month of June remains 34oc during January was 22oc.

(10) Every year we have floods in the rainy season why?

Ans: – In rainy season there is a heavy rainfall during a large amount of rain and floods occur. Rise of underground water in rainy season for floods. There is no space to storage of water because of the water is full of the dams and rivers. For these reason due to no storage the floods, are occurred.

Therefore insufficient drainage systems in cities have high chances of water overflowing or floods. Here is another reason soil erosion, for this flood also occurs in the rainy season.

(11) Observe your surrounding and try to predict how tomorrow would be?

Ans: – The clouds are not clear quite dark and also it is starting to rain so tomorrow. I think it is also going to be a rainy day not a sunny day or may be it sunny rainy day going on.

(12) Priya’s mother said ‘it is very hard to stay at vizag during summer? Why did she say so?

Ans: – It is very hard to stay at Vizag during summer because Vizag is a coastal area. So the weather will be very hot and sunshine is very fast. There are also risks of floods (for coastal area). So, I think priya’s mother said this.

(13) Collect different news papers and compare the weather reports. Are they same or not? Why?

Ans: – Weather reports of different new’s papers are not same because reporters collect weather reports from different weather station, and that station are located in different area. So all weather reports can’t be same for example rainfall will not rain equally allover the country.

(15) Propose some question s to conduct a quite programme in your class on this chapter?

Ans: – The questions are following –

(1) What is the difference between weather and climate?

(2) How do we compare a place which in hot or cool?

(3) What effects come to an area for the weather?

(4) How can we measure the amount of rainfall at a particular area?
(5) Say something about humidity

(6) How can we measure the wind speed and direction?

(7) What is evaporation.

(8) Why does rainfall occurs?

(9) What is water vapour? Where did the water go?

(10) Tell us about water cycle in short.

(11) Why does we feel sweaty in hot weather/summer?

(12) What is the relationship between temperature and climate.

(13) What is the Indian Materological department?

(14) Which instruments are used to measure humidity?

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