Telangana SCERT Class 7 Science Chapter 5 Heat Measurement Solution

Telangana SCERT Class 7 Science Chapter 5 Solution – Heat Measurement. Here in this post we provides Class 7 Science Heat Measurement Telangana State Board Solution.  Telangana State Board English Class VII Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Improve Your Learning Questions and Answers.

Telanagana State Board Class 7 Science Chapter 5 Heat Measurement Solution:

Question 1: The body temperature of Srinath is 99°F. Is he suffering from fever? If so, why?

Ans. The normal temperature of human body is 37 degree celsius / 98.4 degree Fahrenheit.

A temperature over 100.4 degree Fahrenheit (38 degree Celsius) most often mens fever.

Temperature varies by man to man and age. So your normal temperature may be different from other person.

Here Srinath body temperature is 99°F which is higher than normal body temperature. So he is felling fever but it is small or little fever. He is not suffering from high fever.

Question 2: Why do we use Mercury in the thermometer? Can water be used instead of Mercury? What are the problems in using it?

Ans. Mercury is a good conductor of heat. So it is used as liquid for indicating thermometres.

It does not get sticked to the surface of the thermometer which is made of glass.

Water cannot be used in thermometres because –

i) Water cannot measure the temperature which is below a celsius and which is more than 100 celsius.

ii) Water is not a metal and it is do not conduct heat.

iii) Water would expand at its freezing point and it don’t give us the exact results.

Question 3:Temperature of Srinagar (J & K) is -4°C and in Paderu (AP) is 3°C which of them has greater temperature? What is the difference between the temperatures of these two places.

Ans. Temperature in Paderu is greater than temperature in Srinagar (J & K) as 3°C>-4°C.

The difference between the temperature of these two places are 3 – (-4)

= 3 + 4

= 7

That means 7° Celsius.

Question 4: During winter mornings why do people stand in the Sun? Explain.

Ans. Because in winter season our body is too cold, so covering or removing body coldness, people standing under the sun, that our body can absorb heat from sun. As we know sun rays are hot so people will get enough heat to regenerate from the cold. Thats why people stand in sun during winter.

Question 5: After walking some distance on a hot summer day, why do we prefer to go into the shade?

Ans. After walking some distance on a hot summer day, we prefer to go into the shade because after walking son much in the sun heat our body gets too much in the sun heat our body gets too much heated and warm and also our body temperature rises high. So we go into the shade to cool down our body. A shade blocks the sunlight, so there doesn’t fall any sunlight. Thats why in that place is not so hot.

Question 6: Srikanth takes a sip of cold drink and feels the chill. Guess what its temperature is? Try to measure it.

Ans. The temperature of cold drinks will different from one to another drink. In some cases it might be too cool for different manufacturer or brand.

In that case if Srinath takes a sip of cold drink. and he feels chill, the temperature of the cold drink will be around O degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius.

Question 7: Jyothi was prepared to measure the temperature of hot water with a clinical thermometer. Is it right or wrong. Why?

Ans. Wrong, because generally clinical thermometer is used to find out the temperature of human body. It measuring our body temperature. Our body temperature is 37 degre Celsius and the hot water temperature is 100 degree Celsius. But clinical thermometer one starts with 35 degree and ends at 45 degree in Celsius scale.

Question 8: Swathi kept a laboratory thermometer in hot water for some time and took it out to read the temperature. Rani said it was a wrong way of measuring temperature. Do you agree with Rani ? Explain your answer.

Ans. Yes, I agree with Rani. It is wrong way to measure temperature.

Laboratory thermometer don’s have a Kink.

When the thermometer is taken out of hot water, mercury level in the thermometer fall down.

so we shouldn’t take out laboratory thermometer from water. We should see the level or read the temperature when it is in hot water.

Question 9: Why do we jerk a clinical thermometer before we measure body temperature?

Ans. Hold the clinical thermometer firmly by the end and given it a few jerks.

These jerks will bring the level of a Mercury down and normal and also ensure that it falls below 35 C (95 Degree F). So we jerk a clinical thermometer before we measure body temperature.

Question 10: Heat energy is converted into other forms of energy. Give some examples.

Ans. Heat energy is converted into many other forms of energy. Like –

i) Electrical energy.

ii) Light Energy.

iii) Solar Energy.

iv) Chemical Energy.

For examples – i) Electric heater to heat water electrical energy is converted to heat.

ii) In thermal power station, heat energy converted into electrical energy.

iii) Sun gives light so light energy is converted into solar energy. This light energy is called heat energy. That means heat energy is converted into solar energy.

iv) A stream engine, heat energy is converted to mechanical energy.

Question 11: Prathima said ‘Heat is a form of energy’. How do you support her?

Ans. Heat is a form os energy, which causes the sensation us of hotness or coldness.

For example – We feel hot when we sit in sunlight or near fire.

We feel cold when we put a piece of ice on our palm.

If we dip our finger in hot water we have a sensation of hotness.

Same way if we touch a piece of ice we have a sensation of coldness.

In that case the heat energy has moved into the finger, while in other case heat energy has moved out of the finger.

Heat is a form os energy that is transferred from an objecy at higher temperature to one at lower temperature.

Example explanation:-

If we stand in the sun or near fire, heat energy enters our body and we feel hot. Same way ice is put on our palm , heat energy moves from our body to the piece of ice. That’s why we feel cold.

Question 12: Why is a clinical thermometer not used to measure the temperature of air?

Ans. Clinical thermometer is used only for clinical purposes. It made up of mercury. Its helps to measures our body temperature.But clinical thermometar does not have the ability to meausre the temperature of air, because which materials used in clinical thermometer, it does not give proper measure the temperature of air. For measuring the temperature of air there is a different thermometer.

Question 13: Fill in the Blanks Answer:

a) Clinical

b) Liquid

c) an object at higher temperature to

lower temperature.

d) less

Question 14. Match the following

i) Clinical thermometer ( ) a) A form of energy

ii) Normal temperature of human body ( ) b) 100°C

iii) Heat ( ) c) 37°C

iv) Boiling point of water ( ) d) 0°C

v) Melting point of water ( ) e) Kink

Ans. i) – (iii)

ii) – (iv)

iii) – (ii)

iv) – (v)

v) – (i)

Question 15. Use the Thermometer and record the temperature in your school daily at mid day meals time in the following table. Record temperature for a month.

Ans. Month of August

Date Temperature
5 / 8 / 2020 20o C
10 / 8 / 2020 28o C
15 / 8 / 2020 34o C
20 / 8 / 2020 28o C
22 / 8 / 2020 18o C
28 / 8 / 2020 28o C

On which day was the temperature highest? What could be the reason?

Ans. On 15th august the temperature was highest.

The month of August is quite hot. Thats why the temperature was highest.

On which day was the temperature lowest? What could be the reason?

Ans. On 17 August the temperature was lowest.

The temperature drops down because of rain pouring. So temperature changes a little bit.

What was the average temperature during the month?

Ans. 28 degree Celsius was the average temperature during the month. This means, that the temperature is neither to hot nor too rainy weather. It balancing weather.

Mercury present in the capillary near the bulb. This kink prevents Mercury level from falling on its own. It helps to provide the correct reading of temperature.

Before using clinical thermometer must give a sudden shake to it, so that the mercury level comes to normal.

Question 17: Draw the diagram of a laboratory thermometer and label its parts. How does it differ from a clinical thermometer?

Laboratory Thermometer:-

Clinical thermometer is used to measure the human body temperature. But in the case laboratory thermometer is used to measure the temperature the objects.

The temperature range of clinical thermometer is 35 degree Celsius to 42 degree Celsius.

The laboratory thermometer temperature range is – 10 degree Celsius to -110 degree Celsius.

Clinical thermometers have a kink but in laboratory thermometers don’t have a kink.

Question 18: Measure the body temperature between fingers, under the tongue, armpit,folded hands, folded legs etc., Is it the same? Does the body temperature remain the same after jumping ten times?. Why?

Ans. Yes the body temperature is same.

No, the body temperatures will not remain same after jumping ten times. Body temperature rises up after ten times jumping. Because our body becomes heated or warmed for that sweat comes from our body inside due to high temperature. This is the reason behind the body temperature rises up after jumping ten times.

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