Study of Compounds D. Sulphuric Acid Class 10 ICSE Chemistry MCQ Questions

Study of Compounds D. Sulphuric Acid Class 10 ICSE Chemistry MCQ Questions

Looking for Study of Compounds D. Sulphuric Acid Class 10 ICSE Chemistry Chapter 11 MCQ Questions? If yes, You are the right page. Here we have provided ICSE class 10 chemistry Chapter 11 multiple choice questions and answers. All MCQ are important.

1) Molecular formula for Sulphuric acid is

a) H3PO4

b) H3SO2

c) H2SO4

d) H2SO4

Answer- H2SO4

2) Previously Sulphuric acid was named as

a) Sulphur acid

b) Vitriol

c) Vitriol

d) Non of the above

Answer- Vitriol

3) Relative molecular mass of Sulphuric acid is

a) 95

b) 96

c) 97

d) 98

Answer- 98

4) The chemical called as king of chemicals is_____.

a) Ammonia

b) Hydrochloric acid

c) Sulphuric acid

d) Nitric acid

Answer- Sulphuric acid

5) Boiling point of Sulphuric acid is___

a) 448°C

b) 338°C

c) 228°C

d) 118°C

Answer- 338°C

6) Commercial production of Sulphuric acid is done by which method?

a) Solvay process

b) Haber’s process

c) Ostwald process

d) Contact process

Answer- Contact process

7) Sulphuric acid is found as __in combined state.

a) Gypsum

b) Barytes

c) Kieserite

d) All of these

Answer- All of these

8) Colour of Sulphuric acid is___

a) Red

b) Yellow

c) Colourless

d) Blue

Answer- Colourless

9) During conversion of SO2 to SO3 the reaction is favoured at ____temperature.

a) 210-250

b) 310-350

c) 410-450

d) 510-550

Answer- 410-450

10) The molecular formula of oleum is __

a) H2S2O7

b) H3S2O3

c) H2SO6

d) H2SO4

Answer- H2S2O7

11) The gas evolved when Sulphuric acid reacts with metal sulphide is__.

a) H2

b) CO2

c) SO2

d) H2S

Answer- H2S

12) Hydrogen Bromide reacts with Sulphuric acid to evolve which gas?

a) SO3

b) SO2

c) CO2

d) H2

Answer- SO2

13) When nitrate reacts with Sulphuric acid__is formed.

a) HCl


c) HNO3

d) Non of these

Answer- HNO3

14) CuSO4.5H2O when reacted with Sulphuric acid gives which coloured substance?

a) Pale yellow

b) Dirty white

c) Dirty green

d) White

Answer- Dirty white

15) Sulphuric acid acts as ___

a) Dehydrating agent

b) Hydrating agent

c) Both

d) Non of the above

Answer- dehydrating agent

16) Pure Sulphuric acid is__

a) Good conductor of electricity

b) Semi conductor of electricity

c) Bad conductor of electricity

d) All of these

Answer- Bad conductor of electricity

17) Carbonates when reacted with Sulphuric acid__ gas is evolved.

a) CO3

b) CO2

c) SO2

d) SO3

Answer- CO2

18) Melting point of Sulphuric acid is __

a) 5°C

b) 15°C

c) 10.4°C

d) 18.5°C

Answer- 10.4°C

19) Density of Sulphuric acid is__.

a) 1.85g/cc

b) 1.55g/cc

c) 1.22g/cc

d) 1.20g/cc

Answer- 1.85g/cc

20) Sulphuric acid is ___ in taste.

a) Bitter

b) Sweet

c) Sour

d) Tasteless

Answer- Sour

21) The catalyst used during catalytic oxidation of sulphur dioxide is____

a) Iron

b) Platinum

c) Vanadium pentoxide

d) Copper

Answer- Vanadium pentoxide

22) In absorption tower__% Sulphuric acid is absorbed.

a) 78%

b) 88%

c) 98%

d) 100%

Answer- 98%

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