Study of Compounds C. Nitric Acid Class 10 ICSE Chemistry MCQ Questions

Study of Compounds C. Nitric Acid Class 10 ICSE Chemistry MCQ Questions

Looking for Study of Compounds C. Nitric Acid Class 10 ICSE Chemistry Chapter 9 MCQ Questions? If yes, You are the right page. Here we have provided ICSE class 10 chemistry Chapter 9 multiple choice questions and answers. All MCQ are important.

1) Nitrogen shows ___ valency in HNO3

a) 5

b) 4

c) 3

d) 2

Answer –5

2) Relative molecular mass of nitric acid is______.

a) 54

b) 25

c) 63

d) 89

Answer – 63

3) Nitric acid was known as ____

a) Aqua citris

b) Aqua Fortis

c) Nitric acid

d) Nitrous acid

Answer – Aqua Fortis

4) Boiling point of nitric acid is____.

a) 57°C

b) 60°C

c) 80°C

d) 86°C

Answer – 86°C

5) Melting point of nitric acid is____.

a) 28°C

b) -32°C

c) -42°C

d) -50°C

Answer- -42°C

6) During laboratory preparation of nitric acid the mixture is heated at ___temp.

a) 120-150°C

b) 180-200°C

c) 350-400°C

d) 500°C

Answer – 180-200°C

7) Potassium nitrate on reaction with Sulphuric acid gives_____

a) K2SO4

b) KSO4

c) KHSO4

d) NaHSO4

Answer- KHSO4

8) Nitric acid is ____.

a) Colourless liquid

b) Red coloured liquid

c) Yellow coloured liquid

d) Non of the above

Answer – colourless liquid

9) Nitric acid has____.

a) Pungent smell

b) Suffocating odour

c) Fishy odur

d) Odourless

Answer- Suffocating odour

10) Nitric acid is____.

a) Monobasic acid

b) Dibasic acid

c) Tribasic acid

d) All of the above

Answer- monobasic acid

11) Commercial production of nitric acid is done by

a) Chamber process

b) Ostwald process

c) Solvay process

d) Haber ‘s process

Answer – Ostwald ‘s process

12) Nitric acid turns methyl orange __

a) Red

b) Colourless

c) Pink

d) Purple

Answer- Pink

13) The vapours of nitric acid are condensed to___

a) Light yellow liquid

b) Light pink liquid

c) Light blue liquid

d) Non of the above

Answer- light yellow liquid

14) Nitric acid is strong

a) Reducing agent

b) Oxidising agent

c) Both

d) Non of the above

Answer- Oxidising agent

15) Nitric acid reacts with skin and forms____

a) Oxalic acid

b) Citric acid

c) Uric acid

d) Xanthroproteic acid

Answer- Xanthroproteic acid

16) During catalytic oxidation of Ammonia catalyst used is ___.

a) Iron

b) Platinum

c) Silver

d) Carbon

Answer- Platinum

17) The temperature maintained during ostwald’sprocess is ___.

a) 500°C

b) 600°C

c) 700°C

d) 800°C

Answer- 800°C

18) ___ is acid resistant which helps in dissolving nitrogen dioxide uniformly in water.

a) Brass

b) Quartz

c) Iron

d) All of these

Answer- Quartz

19) Nature of Nitric acid is____.

a) Hygroscopic

b) Hydroscopic

c) Both

d) Non of the above

Answer- Hygroscopic

20) Carbon on reaction with Nitric acid gives_____.

a) CO2

b) SO2

c) CO

d) H2SO4

Answer- CO2

21) Zinc on reaction with Nitric acid gives

a) Zinc chloride

b) Zinc Bromide

c) Zinc oxide

d) Zinc nitrate

Answer- Zinc nitrate

22) Brown ring test is carried out when nitirc acid is added to

a) Iron sulphate

b) Sodium sulphate

c) Potassium sulphate

d) Potassium chloride

Answer- Iron sulphate

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