Study of Compounds A Hydrogen Chloride Class 10 ICSE Chemistry MCQ Questions

Study of Compounds A Hydrogen Chloride Class 10 ICSE Chemistry MCQ Questions

Study of Compounds A Hydrogen Chloride Class 10 icse board mcqLooking for Study of Compounds A Hydrogen Chloride Class 10 ICSE Chemistry Chapter 8 MCQ Questions? If yes, You are the right page. Here we have provided ICSE class 10 chemistry Chapter 8 multiple choice questions and answers. All MCQ are important.

1) % of Hydrochloric acid present in gastric juice of mammals is

a) 0.5-0.6

b) 0.8-0.10

c) 0-2-0.4

d) 0.1-0.2

Answer – 0.2-0.4

2) Molecular mass of hydrogen chloride is

a) 28.5

b) 31.2

c) 33.5

d) 36.5

Answer- 36.5

3) Catalyst used during general preparation of hydrogen chloride is

a) Iron

b) Cobalt

c) Carbon

d) Graphite

Answer- Carbon

4) Product formed when sodium chloride is heated with sulphuric acid above 200°c is

a) NaSo4

b) NaHSO4

c) CuSO4

d) Na2SO4

Answer- Na2SO4

5) The reaction of formation of hydrogen chloride is explosive during

a) Direct sunlight

b) Diffused sunlight

c) Darkness

d) Non of the above

Answer- Direct sunlight

6) Lavoisier named hydrochloric acid as

a) Mutatic acid

b) Mutoric acid

c) Mutaric acid

d) Muriatic acid

Answer- Muriatic acid

7) During laboratory preparation of Hydrogen chloride gas the reactants used are

a) Copper Chloride and sulphuric acid

b) Sodium chloride and sulphuric acid

c) Sodium bicarbonate and nitric acid

d) Sodium chloride and nitric acid

Answer- Sodium chloride and sulphuric acid

8) Hydrogen chloride forms__ bond.

a) Ionic

b) Coordinate

c) Covalent

d) Double

Answer- Covalent

9) The gas accumulated in the gas jar is by ___.

a) Upward delivary method

b) Upper displacement

c) Downward delivery method

d) All of the above

Answer- downward delivery method.

10) Hydrogen chloride gas is

a) Blue in colour

b) Red in colour

c) Pink in colour

d) Colourless gas

Answer- colourless gas

11) Vapour density of HCL is

a) 14.4

b) 18.25

c) 19.25

d) 16.25

Answer- 18.25

12) Hydrogen chloride gas liquifies at ___atm.

a) 10atm

b) 20atm

c) 30atm

d) 40atm

Answer- 40 atm

13) Melting point of HCL is

a) -113°C

b) -112°C

c) -114°C

d) -118°C

Answer- -113°C

14) During reaction of HCl with metals the gas evolved is

a) CO2

b) SO2

c) NO2

d) H2

Answer- H2

15) Hydrogen chloride on reaction with Ammonia gives__

a) H2SO4

b) Na2Cl

c) NH4Cl

d) NaH2Cl

Answer- NH4Cl

16) Hydrogen chloride is

a) Sweet in taste

b) Sour in taste

c) Bitter in taste

d) Tasteless

Answer- Sour in taste

17) Zinc on reaction with hydrochloric acid gives__

a) Zinc chloride

b) Zinc oxide

c) Zinc carbonate

d) Zinc sulphate

Answer- Zinc chloride

18) Methyl orange when treated with hydrochloric acid turns

a) Red

b) Pink

c) Blue

d) Yellow

Answer- pink

19) MgO+2HCl—-_____+ H2

a) MgCl

b) MgCl3

c) MgCl2

d) MgSo4

Answer- MgCl2

20) AgNO3 is used as test for hydrochloric acid and also for ___ions.

a) Sulphide

b) Chlorine

c) Chloride

d) Bromide

Answer- Chloride ions

21) Hydrochloric acid is used in preparation of __

a) Guns

b) Dry cells

c) Alcohol

d) All of these

Answer- Dry cells

22) Hydrochloric acid is formed by adding Hydrogen chloride in___

a) Toluene

b) Water

c) Alcohol

d) Electrolyte

Answer- water

23) ____ chloride is used in preparation of dyes.

a) Ammonium

b) Sodium

c) Silver

d) Potassium

Answer- Silver

24) Nitric acid is not used for preparation of HCl because.

a) It is less acidic

b) It is more acidic

c) It is volatile and vapourizes with hydrogen chloride gas formed

d) It is non volatile and mixes with the gas formed.

Answer- It is volatile and vapourizes with hydrogen chloride gas formed.

25) Hydrogen chloride gas has

a) Fishy smell

b) Pungent smell

c) Suffocating odour

d) Odourless

Answer- pungent smell

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