Metallurgy Class 10 ICSE Chemistry MCQ Questions

Metallurgy Class 10 ICSE Chemistry MCQ Questions

Metallurgy Class 10 ICSE MCQ Question answerLooking for Metallurgy Class 10 ICSE Chemistry Chapter 7 MCQ Questions? If yes, You are the right page. Here we have provided ICSE class 10 chemistry Chapter 7 multiple choice questions and answers. All MCQ are important.

1) Oxygen is present __% on earth’s crust

a) 27.7%

b) 2.8%

c) 46.6%

d) 5%

Answer- 46.6%

2) Metals are present on the ___ of periodic table.

a) Right hand side

b) Left hand side

c) In the middle

d) At the bottom

Answer – Left hand side

3) Ores are the minerals from which

a) Metals are extracted

b) Non metals are present

c) Metalloids are extracted

d) All of these

Answer- Metals are extracted

4) Main ore of Magnesium is__

a) Rock salt

b) Bauxite

c) Cinnabar

d) Carnallite

Answer- Carnallite

5) Magnesium is present in__% in earth’s crust.

a) 2.8

b) 5

c) 0.12

d) 2.1

Answer- 2.1%

6) __oil is present during froath floatation process.

a) Sunflower

b) Coconut

c) Pine

d) Seasam

Answer- Pine

7) ___ores are seperated by leaching method.

a) Sulphide

b) Carbonate

c) Iron

d) Silver

Answer- Silver

8) Roasting occurs in__

a) Presence of air

b) Absence of air

c) During both the cases

d) Non of the above

Answer- presence of air

9) Highly reactive metals can be used as

a) Oxidising agents

b) Reducing agents

c) Anions

d) Non of the above

Answer- Reducing agents

10) Volatile Metals are refined using ____method.

a) Liquation

b) Electro-refining

c) Filtration

d) Distillation

Answer- Distillation

11) __metals can be purified using electro-refining method.

a) Iron

b) Gold

c) Calcium

d) Lead

Answer- Gold

12) Temperature required to melt alumina is __

a) 1050°C

b) 3050°C

c) 900°C

d) 2050°C

Answer- 2050°C

13) Aluminium is extracted from __ore.

a) Limestone

b) Carnallite

c) Bauxite

d) Calamine

Answer- Bauxite

14) Electrolyte from which aluminium is extracted has___% of alumina,___% of cryolite,___% of flurospar in it.

a) 30, 60,20

b) 70,60,20

c) 20,70,20

d) 20,60,20

Answer- 20,60,20

15) The voltage of electricity passed during electrolysis of aluminium is __

a) 9-10 Volts

b) 40-60 volts

c) 5-6 volts

d) 20-30 volts

Answer- 5-6 volts

16) Refining of aluminium is done by which process

a) Hall’s Heroult’s process

b) Hydraulic Washing process

c) Magnetic separation

d) Hoope’s process

Answer- Hoope’s process

17) Electrode used anode during extraction of aluminium is__

a) Copper

b) Platinum

c) Graphite

d) Iron

Answer- Graphite

18) Aluminium oxide had great affinity towards__

a) Oxygen

b) Nitrogen

c) Carbon dioxide

d) Sulphur

Answer- Oxygen

19) Impurity present in Bauxite is__

a) Red mud

b) Sand

c) Dust

d) Iron particles

Answer- Red mud

20) When supply of alumina during electrolysis of aluminium is decreased the voltage jumps from 40 to__volts.

a) 20

b) 60

c) 80

d) 90

Answer- 60 volts

21) Calamine can be converted to zinc oxide through

a) Calcination

b) Hydrogenation

c) Chlorination

d) Roasting


22) Steel is an alloy of__

a) Copper and zinc

b) Nickel, iron, carbon, chromium

c) Aluminium,nickel

d) Cobalt, nickel

Answer- nickel, iron, carbon, chromium

23) Which alloys contain mercury?

a) Solder

b) Zinc amalgam

c) Steel

d) Duraliumin

Answer- zinc amalgam

24) Haematite ore is used to extract which metal?

a) Sodium

b) Iron

c) Zinc

d) Copper

Answer- iron

25) Bell metal is an alloy of__

a) Copper and tin

b) Copper and iron

c) Iron and tin

d) Nickel and tin

Answer- copper and tin

26) Nichrome

a) Looks like gold

b) Hard as diamond

c) Resistant to electricity

d) Liquid at room temperature

Answer- Resistant to electricity

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