Sankardev School Assam Class 8 English Lesson 1 Silver Solution

Sankardev School Assam Class 8 English Lesson 1 Silver Solution

Sankardev Sishu Niketan School Class 8 English Lesson 1 Silver all Question and Solution by Expert English Teacher. Students of class 8 will get all their textbook questions solution.

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Bharati English Reader








A.) Write six pairs of rhyming words from the poem. Read each pair aloud.

Example : Moon- Shoon


1.) Sees – tress

2.) catch – thatch

3.) log – dog

4.) peep – sleep

5.) by – eye

6.) gleam – stream


B.) Answer the following questions :

  1. Where do you think the poet was, when he wrote the poem?

Answer: I think the poet was in the garden in the night when he wrote the poem.

2.) How do the moonbeams transform the appearance of things on whichthey fall ?

Answer: By imparting a silvery hue, the moonbeams change the appearance of the objects they hit like trees and fruits looks silver due to silver moon light.

3.) Where is the dog lying? How does the poet describe his paws?

Answer:The poet claims that the dog is lying in his kennel. And the dog’s paw looks silver.

4.) Why does the poet call the fish ‘moveless’?

Answer: The fish appears moveless in the water gleam hence the poet calls the fish moveless in the moonlight.

5.) Describe the effect of the moonlight on water?

Answer: Due to moonlight the water stream is looking like silver stream.

6.) Can you suggest another title for this poem?

Answer:‘Moonlight in the night’ can be good name for this poem.

C.) The home of a bee is called ‘hive’. Find out two words from the poem, that mean the home/shelter of animal/bird. Write the home/shelter of thefollowing animals/birds :

Animal/bird                                       Home

Eagle                                                   Nest

Horse                                                   Stable

Hare                                                    Burrow

Lion                                                     Den

Pig                                                       Hog


D.) An adverb describes the quality of an action. You can form adverbs byadding ‘ly’ to the adjectives. .cl

Example : Slow.:_ slowly

When an adjective ends in-y, the ‘y’ changes to •’i’ when you add-‘ly’ to

form an adverb.

example : happy- happily

Now make adverbs from these adjectives:

1.) easy – Easily

2.) gloomy – Gloomily

3.) careful – Carefully

  1. )complete – Completely

5.) beautiful – Beautifully

6.) quick – Quickly

7.) lofty – Loftily

8.) angry – Angrily

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