Samacheer Kalvi Class 9th Supplementary Earthquake Solutions

Tamilnadu Board Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Supplementary Solutions Chapter 3: Tamilnadu State Board Solution Class 9 English Chapter 3 Supplementary – Earthquake.


Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Supplementary Solutions Chapter 3: Overview

Board Samacheer Kalvi
Class 9
Subject English
Unit (3) Supplementary
Chapter Name Earthquake


Samacheer Kalvi Class 9th Supplementary Earthquake Question Answer Solution







A) Fill in the blanks with words from the text.


1) The name of the narrator is Brij.

2) There were 670 villages in the valley.

3) Brij went to Pauri to buy his school books.

4) The soldiers had set up a makeshift hospital .

5) Bhuli had been buried under the debris for 116


B) Based on your understanding of the story, choose the right answers from the options.


1) Brij started a tea shop because he wanted to serve the people.

a) start a company.

b) serve the people.

c) go on a pilgrimage.

d) become a tour guide.


2) Molthi was completely devastated because of a high intensity earthquake.

a) a high intensity earthquake.

b) thunder and hail storm.

c) drought and famine.

d) flash floods.


3) The brother searched everywhere and looked dejected because he couldn’t locate his sister

a) he couldn’t find his house.

b) he couldn’t locate his sister.

c) he was hungry and didn’t eat for a few days.

d) he lost his school books.


4) The boy had great reverence and respect for Army officers as the saved his sister from death

a) were brave and courageous.

b) worked day and night.

c) saved his sister from death.

d) all the above.


5) Brij finally offered the traveller a cup of tea.

a) cup of milk.

b) cup of tea.

c) glass of water.

d) cup of coffee


C) Identify the character or speaker of the following lines.


1) Greetings, traveller. You looked tired and cold.Brij

2)Tomorrow, we will go back to Pauri. Brij’s uncle

3) Whom are you looking for? Army officer

4) My men have been on their feet for days. Army officer

5) May God be with you! Brij


D.) Answer the following questions in a paragraph of about 80 to 100 words.

1) Explain the efforts taken by the Army Officer to save the child.

Answer: Brij’s whole family died in the earthquake except his younger sister, Bhuli. He searched her. Then the army officer started searching her. The army officer came with three soldiers armed with spades and crowbars with them. Then they started to remove the debris and when it become completely dark, someone brought a few lit petromax lamps. After two hours of their efforts, they found a cave in the wall andsmall foot under the middle of a small hollow. The soldiersbegan to clear the hollow andthey lifted the door and told that the girl was alive. The soldier wrapped her in awarm blanket and carried her to the tent of makeshift hospital. Their efforts paid off and Bhuli was saved only because of the selfless efforts taken by the Army officer and the soldiers.


2) Brij has become a symbol of love and humanity. Explain.

Answer: Brij is a young boy who lost his family except his younger sister Bhuli in a terrible earthquake. He is a sensitive boy with gratitude for the soldiers in his heart. Brij works as a waiter. The day his sister was saved by the soldiers he has immense gratitude toward them. The army officer who saved his sister’s life was hero for him and he wanted to thank him but he could not. Since that day he gives his best tea for free to every soldier and shows respect and love. Though his act is not liked by his owner he wants to spread ove and kindness. He wants to serve the people.


E) Answer the following questions based on the reading of the story. Do not forget to go back to the passage whenever necessary to find and confirm the answers.



While you warm yourself I will prepare the best tea.
I saved enough money With little help I started this shop.
It was a terrible earthquake Six hundred and two villages were destroyed.
It was a terrible earth quake and it was felt as far away as Delhi and Lucknow.
I ran back to the village I was searching, crying and searching
They lifted the door My sister was alive.
I went to thank the Army Officer He was gone.


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