Write a Report on Tree Plantation Programme Organised in Your Locality

Report on Tree Plantation Programme Organised in Your Locality

23rd March 2019

Adarsh Colony ,Gangapur road


A very auspicious tree plantation programme was organized in our locality to create  awareness regarding climate change and its adverse effect on us. The program started very early at 6:00 the guest of honor for this tree plantation programme was the chairman of our locality sir Venkateswara. A range of 200 plants were planted in a nearby garden and locality to create an awareness about saving trees. Me and my family planted sunflower in our nearby garden and aloe Vera in our balcony also. Age groups were given specific plants, we took flowering plants and our parents were given medicinal plants. The old age group had the responsibility to check whether the plants were planted properly or not.A group of children planted many flowers and specially neem trees at the boundary of colony  as it contains medicinal properties and it  will become a very huge tree and we will play under it. The program ended at 12 p.m and we were all given snacks to eat. We all planted total of 1000 trees and marked it as our best establishment as a locality. By the end of the tree plantation programme we all were exhausted and wanted to sit under the tree already present in the garden. At 11:30 a.m our honorable guest gave a speech on benefits of planting trees, how it helps cleaning the environment and uses of medicinal plants. Me and my family pledged to plant as many trees as possible near are areas so as to create a very healthy environment and contribute in minimizing the climatic changes. We hope that everybody plants a tree in the lifetime and contribute in conserving the nature.

Thank you

Shalini Sharma.

Updated: October 18, 2021 — 8:40 pm

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