RBSE Class 9 Information Technology Chapter 2 Input/Output and Storage Devices Solution

Rajasthan Board Class 9 Information Technology Chapter 2 Solution Input/Output and Storage Devices RBSE Class 9 Information Technology Solution for Chapter 2.

Q.1 Multiple Choice questions.

1) Numeric key pad is mainly used for .

Ans- c) banking work

2) Mouse is.

Ans- A) input device

3) Typematic rate is

Ans-B) 10 time per second

4) Output prineted on some page called

Ans -A) Hard copy

5) The interior surface CRT is coated with

Ans-B) phosphor material

6) The technique of computer similar to that of type wrtien is.

Ans-A) typematic printing

7) Drum printer is a

Ans- A) character printer

8) Primary storage medium is

Ans- B) Memory

9) Optical technology is used in


10) General storage capacity of floppy is

Ans- c) 1.44MB

Q.2 Very short type questions.

1) Who reads and write data on disk?

Ans- floppy disk can reads and writes data on disk.

2) what are the small dots on the screen of monitor called?

Ans- The small dots on the screen of monitor called as pixels.

3) What type of printer does dot matrix represent?

Ans- Impact printer does dot matric represent.

4) What is the holl in floppy disk it’s envelope called.

Ans-There is a hole in a floppy disk and its envelope which is called as index hole.

5) What is the radius of micro floppy ?

Ans-The radius of micro floppy is 3 inch.

6) How many type of memory ?

Ans-There are two type of memory.

7) What is the work of monitor?

Ans-The work of monitor is that display information in pictorial form.

8) Write the name of two input and output device.

Ans- the input device key board and mause. The output device monitor and printers.

9) Which principle is used in laser printing?

Ans- Laser printing is based on the principle of laser beam.

10) What is the use of projector?

Ans-Projector is used to show the computer screen figure and activities on the large screen.

Q.3 Shot type questions.

1) Explain the difference between hard copy and soft copy.

Ans- Hardcopy- 1.Hard copy is printed on the paper. 2.It can’t be modified easily . 3.It does not need an electronic media for display. 4.Hard copy can transmitted physically.

Soft copy – 1.Soft copy is an output copy of documents stored in memory and can be seen on the screen. 2.Soft copy can be modified easily. 3.soft copy need an electronic media for display. 4 soft copy can transmitted electrically.

2) What is the technique of laser printing.

Ans- The technique of laser printers are It is based on the laser beam. to print a character laser beam is put on it. Toner, a special in powder is used to print a character. they consist of toner which has particles of different colour this printer can print out on some plastic sheet or any other sheets.

4) What are the difference use of mouse?

Ans-The use of mouse are mouse is used to operate a computer. Mouse is very useful input device with its use the feeding of instruction has become easier and faster. it is very useful in graphics . There are 2 types of mouse optical mouse and wireless mouse.

5) Write the functions of Joystick and light pen.

Ans- The Function of joystick -in a joystick a lever or handle is attached to the tracking ball which can rotate and move graphic on the screen. Hey there is a button which is used to fire in the game.

Light pen-Light pen is a pen shaped and good conductor of light .and it is connected to computer with a cable.it is used for writing directly on the screen .for using light pen special kind of software is required.

6) How many type of platter? give name.

Ans- There are 2 types of plotter

1) Drum pen plotter

2) flat bed plotter

Q .4 Essay type questions.

(1) Functioning of Dot Matrix Printer with the help of diagram.

Function of dot matrix Printers are ln DMP the printer head companies of several pins called matrix. The pin strike the paper through on ink Gibbons and print a pattern of tiny dots and several dots together make a character. in the printhead there is a vertical set of 7 9 14 18 or 24 pins. The speed of DMP is from 30 to 600 characters per second there is no solid font in them and so they can print characters of difference sizes kind and languages Graphics charts etc. can also be prepared with them. This printer can print from left to right and from right to left.

2) Different type of monitors? Illusrate each with help of diagram.

There are two type of monitor in a micro computer 1) CRT monitor 2) FPD monitor

CRT monitor- This monitor is mainly used in most of the computers this monitor consist of cathode ray tube its screen is coated with phosphorus when CRT seems electron on the screen it starts shining any image on the screen is made up of tiny dots called as pixel these pixels shine and dark repeatedly and this is known as refresh on the screen of colour CRT system 3 phosphorus molecule coated a pixel as a result a pixel can produce three colors with a beam of electronics.

FPD monitor – Flat Plane display monitor- they are based on new technology . it these monitors charged chemical and gases are suffed between two specially treated Sheet of glass. This thin display device are called flat panel display. F.p.d. monitor are flat light in weight and consume less electric.



3) Illustrate the structure and functioning of hard disk with diagram.

Ans- structure of hard disk –

Hard disk its a pack of platter made of aluminium or some other metal. Each platter is coated with iron oxide. on both surface of the platter there Concentric track and sector’s all the disk platters are arranged in spindle each platters consists of a read /write is straight. Function off hard disk- hard disk has enormous storage capacity and for this it is known as mass storage devices. Now a days hard disks Having a 160 GB 500 GB one TB storage capacity are popular operating system ,compiler ,assembler ,database application ,program are also stored in it.

4) What is CD ROM? Describe it’s functioning and uses.

Ans CD ROM- CD ROM is an optical storage devices the data stored in it can only be read that is why it is called read (ROM)

function of CD ROM- during the process of data storage on the reflected surface of CD ROM high power (25 mega watt) laser beam is aimed the beam causes a small pit represent binary ‘o’ the place on the surface without pit is called land To read data in disk less intensity beams are aimed on the surface of CD ROM.

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