RBSE Class 9 Information Technology Chapter 3 Computer Communication and Network Solution

Rajasthan Board Class 9 Information Technology Chapter 3 Solution Computer Communication and Network RBSE Class 9 Information Technology Solution for Chapter 3.

1. Multiple choice questions.

1) oldest and maximum usable transmission media is

Ans- c) Twisted pair

2) WAN Means

Ans- D) wide Area network

3) which transmission medium is the fastest from of following?

Ans-c) optical fiber cable

4) which of the following medium is not made with metal wire?

Ans- C) optical fiber cable

5) The surface of glass on the core of optical fiber cable is known as

Ans-B) Clade

6) In which transmission the wave goes into all direction.

Ans- D) Satellite

7) How many minimum transmission satelite can transmit signals on whole earth?

Ans- B) Three

8) which medium is used to connect wireless mouse, key board to computer.

Ans- A) Bluetooth

9) what is the name of network spreader in the small region?

Ans- LAN

10) which of the following is transmission media?

Ans-D) none of these

2 Very short type of question.

1) which is the oldest and Maximum usable transmission media?

Ans- Oldest and maximum usable transmission media is Twisted pair cable.

2) what is the full name of WAN?

Ans-Full name of WAN is Wide Area network.

3) Give the name of fastest transmission medium?

Ans- the fastest transmission medium is optical fiber medium.

4) The stick layer on the core of the optical fiber cable is called?

Ans- the stick layer on the core of the optical fiber medium is call cladding.

5) Write one main work of Repeater.

Ans- The main work of repeater is to amplify the signals.

6) Transmission satellite is placed at what height?

Ans- transmission satellite is placed at above equator over 36000 kilometre height.

7) Write the full name of Wi-Fi?

Ans- the full name of Wi-Fi is wireless fidelity .

8) The device which converts Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog signal is known as?

Ans- the device which converts Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog signal is known as modulation.

9) Write the name of network which is used to cover a big town.

Ans- A Metropolitan area network is network which is use to cover a big town.

10) In which topology the nodes are connected in hierarchical order?

Ans- In Tree Topology nodes are connected in hierarchical order.

3. Short type Question.

1) Write the name of different wi- fi transmission medium.

Ans- the name of different wi-fi transmission medium is PCs, laptops, Palmtops, video games, console, smart phones, printer etc.

2) what is cross talk?

Ans- Twisted wires electrical interference go se very low this happens due to opposite electric interference in these twisted wires. This type of interference is known as cross talk.

3) where is coaxial cable is used?

Ans- Coaxial cable are used in medium distance communication due to presences of external wire mesh.

4) write the uses of Bluetooth?

Ans-Use of Bluetooth for connecting headset to remote mobile phone or connecting mouse keyboard or printers to a computer .Bluetooth provide easy way to connecting electronic device like a PDA, mobile phone ,tablet ,laptop ,PC ,printer ,digital camera ,video games console etc.

5) Why we placed a microwave tower on maximum height?

Ans-Microwave for the transmitter and receiver to be in line of state to achieve this transmitter antenna and receiver antenna are place on much height and in Australia direction the tall towers installed on high place are actually microwave tower.

6) write the difference between Analog and Digital transmission.

Ans- Analogue transmission-) the analogue signal are continuously changing in relation to time 2) the value of an analogue signal is anything in a given range3)A telephone system is an example of analogue data communication.

Digital transmission-1) this signal are non- continuous or discrete 2) A digital signal can receive only few value in a given range 3) these signals are transmitted in ”on” and ”off” from.

7) Write two characteristics of LAN.

Ans- The characteristic of LAN is. it is generally spreads out in small area like any large building or in a campus .in LAN the speed of data transmission in high (10 to 100 megabytes per second) which is the main characteristic of LAN is most flexible .

8) Write the characteristics of nodes in star topology.

Ans-the Characterstic of nodes in star topology – In a star topology all the nodes are connected with a central computer which is known as hub or host. In the star topology no any two nodes are connected directly. the network maneagement in this topology is relatively easy. If a nodes become defective remaining network does not affected .

9) Write work and characteristic of routter.

Ans- the Characteristic of routter is .it is also connects the different network like bridge Work of Routter- it work more effectively in compare to bridge. Bridge only Give the way (path )to the signals ,Where as router for words them after their reflection Router receives data from all the networks connected with it and forward them according to their destination address.

10) what is the difference between switch and hub?

Ans- The difference between hub and switch

Hub- in a hub data or information received from the source is same to all the device connected with it

Switch- in switch the data or information received from a source is only same to destination computer or destination device according to their destination address.

Q.4. Eassy type question

3) Write the objective and use of computer networking

Ans- the objective of computer networking –

1) resource sharing 2) as a communication media 3) reliability and availability 4)cost reduction.

1) resource sharing- the main objective of their network is to share and work together on all the device within it like a computer, apparatus data and program. if any data is not available on one computer. but it is available on another computer connected to network.

2) the communication media –user can communicate with each other very easily and speedly with the computer connected with network.

3) Reliability and availability – if any hardware of software become faulty out of order or not available for some time other device connected with network can be used

4) Cost reduction- no any user can able to purchase all the expensive computer device but by the help of computer he can use all the device( hardware software )which is not available with him.

use of computer network- the use of computer network is vast

Following are the use of computer network-

1) Accessing remote databases-any person or any user can access data on his computer available on other computers of the network. with WWW world wide web information systems any information regarding any subject.

2) Fax – by using of fax we can send to any computer connected with the network and can be received as well

3) electronic Mail or email -In our daily life we use email currently email is used widely message can be sent very speedily through this as well various document audio and video file can also be sent as attachment.

4)video conferencing – now a days Skype ,Google ,WhatsApp etc several Messenger are available which provide video conferencing facility to computer connected with networks.

5) online service hey today several online service are available on computers connected with network as like online training online shopping online banking online education online playing ATC.

4) What is network topology? Write the name and characteristic of different topologies

Ans-A method by which notes of network are connected each other is known as topology it is determined by the topology that which path are available for data communication

Following are the network topology

1) Linear or bus topology 2) circular or ring topology 3) start topology 4) tree topology 4) graph or mesh topology

1) Linear or bus topology- in the bus topology all the computers are connected with single cable. linear topology is the simplest topology. in this topology it is not essential to each computer to be in running state. the control of network in this topology is not centralised so it is hard to find out any fault which occur somewhere in this topology. it is not essential to each computer to be in running state

2) Circular or ring topology -In this topology all the nodes are connected in ring. Trusted pair cable coaxial cable optical fiber cable are used to connect this note each other. in the ring topology there is no any main control computer, so it is more suitable for peer to peer network. In ring topology if one computer stop working properly whole of the network can be failed. All the network become interpret at the time of remove well or insertion of a computer.

3) Start apology – in this topology all the nodes are connected with a central computer which is known as hub or host. In the star topology no other or no any 2 nodes are connected directly. communication between notes take placehey through central computer hey the network management in this topology is relatively easy if a node become defective remaining network does not affected.

4) tree topology- in this topology notes are connected in hierarchical way the top most node in the hierarchal system is known as group node. Hey root node has awesome node which are connected with root node in hierarchal wake tree topology is really a straight modified from of bus topology.

5) graph or mesh topology-in this topology know any special structure is used for connecting the notes with each other unknowns can be connected with any node or can be more than one node it is not necessary to connect all the notes with each other in this topology.

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