PSEB Class 9 English Coursebook Lesson 3 Budgeting Your Time Solution

PSEB Class 9 English Coursebook Lesson 3 Budgeting Your Time all Question and Answers Solution

PSEB Class 9 English Coursebook Lesson 3 Budgeting Your Time Solution: Punjab Board (PSEB) 9th Class Lesson 3 all questions of Coursebook answers are in this page.

Language exercise

A.) Comprehensive Questions

(i) Answer the following question in brief:


1.) Why is money considered so important?

Answer: Money is considered important because of its we have great power. Money makes the mare go. That is, money gets things done.


2.) What do people believe about the power of money?

Answer: Money can buy each and every thing, so people believe in the greatness of the power of money


3.) Does time wait for anyone?

Answer: No, time does not stay up for anyone it goes on


4.) What type of precious moment should not be lost?

Answer: A rare moment, in one’s journey of life, which may create or mar person’s whole future is that the precious moment that ought to not be lost.


5.) What do we mean by saying: art is long and time is fleeting?

Answer: Art here means the good, constructive work. It means that there is a lot of good and healthy to learn and embrace, but the time is running out fast.


6.) Which is the most important time for doing something?

Answer: The ‘present’ is the most important time for doing something


7.) Why must one be punctual?

Answer: One must be punctual to ensure that an opportunity is not missed. By being late, one may miss a crucial train or flight, an interview, a job or admission to a valuable course.


8.) Is it of any use to cry over the spilt milk or blame our stars for our failures?

Answer: No, it is not useful to cry over the spilt milk or blame our stars for our failures. Instead, we should accept the responsibility for our omissions and learn from our mistakes.


(ii) Answer the following question in your own words:

1.) What should be the guiding principle of our life and why?

Answer: ‘Now or Never’ should be the guiding principle of ours. It is because time has greater power than money. Time waits for none, and time once lost cannot be regained. We must not put our work tomorrow what we can do today. We can construct better tomorrow on the foundation of today only.


2.) Why is the budgeting of time important?

Answer: Time is more valuable than money, and the time once lost is lost forever. Wasted time only causes repentance. We have a lot to do, and the time available is limited. In this age of globalization and fast paced life, we cannot allow a slip of even a second. Each second is valuable in its way. That is why the budgeting of time is important.


3.) Reproduce, in your own words the dialogue between Yaksha and Yudhishthira.

Answer: Yaksha: “O, the wise son of Kunti. What would be the best time for doing a thing?”

Yudhishthira: Yaksha, the work at hand is the most important. Therefore, the present is the best time to do it.

(iii) Tick (✓) the correct choice:


1.) The power of ‘Time’ is:

a.) little

b.) nil

c.) great

d.) dangerous

Answer: Great


2.) Every moment is:

a.) Useless

b.) Good

c.) Precious

d.) Long

Answer: Precious


3.) To get success:

a.) Time should be wasted

b.) We need not be punctual

c.) we should budget time

d.) we should postpone things

Answer: We should budget time


B.) Vocabulary Exercise

(i) match the words in column A with their synonyms given in the column B:

A Answer
1.      Wealth

2.      Significant

3.      Wasted

4.      Tough

5.      Valuable

6.      Detrimental

7.      Single

b. money

e. important

f. squandered

g. hard

d. precious

c. harmful

a. lonely


(ii) match the words in column A with their meanings in column B:

A Answer
1.      Believe

2.      Whole

3.      Trickle

4.      Lag

5.      Crucial

6.      Principle

7.      Pine

8.      Put off

d. to have faith

f. complete

g. to flow in drops

a. to remain behind

b. very important

e. law or rule

h. to feel sad or distressed

c. to postpone


(iii) fill in the blanks with the words given below

Mare, regained, journey, future, admission, power, tough, mar, repent, excellent


1.) The patient……. consciousness after a few hours.

Answer: The patient regained consciousness after a few hours.


2.) Success is a………. not destination

Answer: Success is a journey not destination


3.) His……… is not secure

Answer: His future is not secure


4.) No …….. Without permission.

Answer: No admission Without permission.


5.) He showed an…….. result.

Answer: He showed an excellent result.


6.) The question paper was very………..

Answer: The question paper was very tough


7.) He has only one…….. in his stable.

Answer: He has only one Mare in his stable.


8.) You are not aware of his………

Answer: You are not aware of his power


9.) Your bad habits will……… your life.

Answer: Your bad habits will mar your life.


10.) You should………. of what you have done.

Answer: You should repent of what you have done.


Grammar Exercise

(i) change the voice in the following sentence:

1.) The boy ate the mango.

Answer: The mango was eaten by the boy

2.) I do not know him.

Answer: He is not known to me


3.) Your conduct surprises me.

Answer: I am surprised by your conduct


4.) This pot contains milk.

Answer: Milk is contained in this pot


5.) Your action annoyed him.

Answer: He was annoyed by your action


6.) We should help the poor.

Answer: The poor should be helped by us


7.) The police have arrested the thief.

Answer: The thief has been arrested by the police


8.) He has finished his work.

Answer: His work has been finished by him


(ii) fill in the following blanks with suitable articles:


1.) She has……… beautiful look.

Answer: She has a beautiful look.


2.) ……..sun rises in ………east.

Answer: The sun rises in the east.


3.) I read……. Tribune daily.

Answer: I read the Tribune daily.


4.) He is ……..honest person.

Answer: He is an honest person.


5.) I need ………new uniform.

Answer: I need a new uniform.


6.) Haridwar is …….. holy place.

Answer: Haridwar is a holy place.


7.) Iron is …….. useful metal.

Answer: Iron is a useful metal.


8.) It is raining; I need……. umbrella.

Answer: It is raining; I need an umbrella.


(iii) fill in the following blanks with suitable preposition:


1.) It is no use crying……spilt milk.

Answer: It is no use crying over spilt milk.


2.) He died…….cholera.

Answer: He died of cholera.


3.) He looks………the child in the absence of his mother.

Answer: He looks after the child in the absence of his mother.


4.) They went deep…….the jungle.

Answer: They went deep into the jungle.


5.) John was made……..steel.

Answer: John was made of steel.


6.) He congratulated me…….my success.

Answer: He congratulated me on my success.


7.) He is not aware…….his shortcomings.

Answer: He is not aware of his shortcomings.


8.) I have no faith………you.

Answer: I have no faith in you.


9.) It is very kind…… to help me.

Answer: It is very kind of you to help me.


10.) Please remember me………your parents.

Answer: Please remember me to your parents.


(iv) give one word for each of the following:


1.)  One who never dies.

Answer: Immortal


2.) One who believes in God.

Answer: theist


3.) One who is present everywhere.

Answer: Omnipresent


4.) Government by the people, of the people, for the people.

Answer: Democracy


5.) One who makes gold ornaments.

Answer: Goldsmith


E.) Creative writing and extended reading


1.) Make a list of various virtues. Think and write how they are important for us.


1.) Acceptance

The act of accepting something or someone


2.) Caring

Feeling or showing concern for other people


3.) Commitment

An agreement or pledge to try and do one thing within the future


4.) Confidence

A feeling or belief that you simply will do one thing well or succeed at one thing


5.) Enthusiasm

Strong excitement regarding one thing feeling of active interest in something that you simply like or relish


2.) How do you spend your leisure? Write in ten lines.

Answer: There are many things that I like to do in my free time there are many hobbies I am sure other people have their hobbies too. The hobby I like most is riding my bicycle. It was given to me by my mother for my 16th birthday. I wake up early in the morning and go for a long ride by riding my bicycle. I like this very much because the morning breeze and cold air and freshly air refresh my mind and also, I call up my friends and we all together go for ride. After riding we, all get exhaust and we go to eat some breakfast. Another hobby that I spend my time in playing basketball. I go to basketball court to practice and improve my skills. This is how I spend my leisure.


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