PSEB Class 7 Science Chapter 1 Nutrition in Plants Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 7 Science Textbook Solution Chapter 1 Nutrition in Plants Exercise Questions and Answers


Chapter 1 Nutrition In Plants

Q.1 Fill in the blanks

1.) Answer:- Nutritions

2.) Answer:- Carbon dioxide

3.) Answer:- Oxygen and Glucose

4.) Answer:- Heterotrophic Plants


Q.2 True or false

1.) False

2.) False

3.) True

4. False


Q.3 Match the following

1.) Agaricus – d. Saprophyte

2.) Rhizobium – c. Leguminous Plant

3.) Chlorophyll – b. Leaves

4.) Cuscuta – a. Parasite


Q.4 Choose the correct option

1.) Answer:- c. Rhizobium

2.) Answer:- b. Heterotrophs

3.) Answer:- a. Leaf

4.) Answer:- c. Cuscuta


Q.5. Very Short Answers Type Questions:

1.) Answer:- The process of obtaining and utilising food is known as nutrition.

2.) Answer:- Photosynthesis is a process in which green plants prepare their own food with the help of chlorophyll in the presence of sunlight carbon dioxide and water.

3.) Answer:- Carbon dioxide and water are the raw materials required for the photosynthesis.

4.) Answer:- Insectivorous are plants which feed on small insects.


Q.6.) Short Answers Type Questions

1.) Answer:- Some heterotrophic plants depends on other plants and animals for food such plants are called as parasites and the plant on which depend is called as host this type of Nutrition is called as parasitic nutrition.

2.) Answer:- To different kind of organisms live together and share shelter and nutrition this is called symbiotic relationship.

3.) Answer:- When insects its on the use of pitcher plant it slips down the lose of pitcher plant is line with downward pointing hairs insect cannot climb back and get trapped it gets digested by the digestive juice present in the picture plant in this way which are plant catch insect.


Q.7.) Long Answers Type Questions

1.) Answer:- Fertilizers and manures contain plant nutrients such a nitrogen Phosphorus and so on when fertilizers and manures are added to the soil when the soil gets enrich with nutrients like nitrogen Phosphorus and potassium but in forest no one goes to add fertilizers the decomposers decomposers dead lives and animals matter which intern and reach the soil in this way nutrients are replenished in the soil.

2.) Answer:- carbohydrate fats proteins vitamins and minerals are the essential component of food the full field the requirement of the body and are known as a nutrients.

Various modes of nutrition in plants –

1.) Autotrophic nutrition autotrophic –

Organisms which make their own food from simple substances are known as autotrophs. and this type of Nutrition is called as atrophic nutrition. all green plants and some bacteria are autotrophs or producers.

2.) Heterotrophic nutrition –

Organisms which cannot prepare their own food and depend on other for food are called as heterotrophs. and this type of Nutrition is called as heterotrophic nutrition. All animals and few plants are heterotrophs or consumers.

On the basis of Nutrition heterotrophic plants are classified as below

1.) Parasitic plants

2.) insectivorous plants

3.) symbiotic plants

4.) saprophytic plants.


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