PSEB Class 3 English Chapter 7 The Swing Solution

PSEB Punjab Board Class 3 English Textbook Solution Chapter 7 The Swing Exercise Questions and Answers


Lesson 7

The Swing


I) Think and answer

A) Answer the following questions

1) What goes high and low?

Answer –The swing goes high and low.

2) What is seen in the sky?

Answer –The bird are seen flying in the sky.

3) Where does children play?

Answer –Children plays in wonderful lands.


B) Write True or False

1) The birds are flying.

Answer –True.

2) The hair are in front of the poet.

Answer –False.

3) The poet races with the wind.

Answer –False.

4) The children are playing since early morning.

Answer – True.

5) Nobody can see the wind.

Answer –True.


B) Write the rhyming words

Low – Know

Grass – Pass

Play – Day

Tree – See

Sky – Fly

Mind – Behind


III) Language corner

C) Encircle the describing words

1) John is a clever boy.

2) She has a curly hair.

3) It is a lovely rainbow.

4) I eat fresh fruits.

5) We have two eyes.

6) I have a blue skirt.

7) Aman has many buffaloes.

8) Everyone likes sweet mangoes.


D) Fill in the blanks with describing words

1) Good girl.

2) Beautiful scene.

3) Long hair.

4) Old man.

5) Intelligent student.


VI) Writing task

1) This is a lock.

2) This is a chick.

3) That is a dress.

4) These are sticks.

5) Those are bricks.


Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success.

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