Perimeter and Area Extra Questions Solution for Class 7

Perimeter and Area Class 7 Mathematics Extra Question and Answers for CBSE / NCERT Board Students

Perimeter and Area Extra Questions and Answers for Class 7 Level Students of CBSE / NCERT Board Published in this Page. Here we provided 01 Marks that’s mean MCQ Type Questions and their Solution And Long Answer Type Questions & Solution. Class VII Students can follow this Page.

Long Answer Type Extra Questions

(1) Two cross roads, each of width 10 cm,  cut at right angles through the centre of a rectangules park of length 700 m and breadth 300 m and parallel to its sides. Find the area of the roads. Also find the area of the park excluding cross roads. Give the answer in hectares.

(2) From a square cardboard, a circle of biggest area was cut out. If  the area of the circle is 154 cm2 , calculate the original areas of the cardboard.

(3) The carpet for a room 6.6 by 5.6 m costs Rs 3960 and it was made from a roll 70 cm wide. Find the cost of the carpet per metre.


MCQ Type

(1) 256 sq cm = _________ sq m

(a) 0.256

(b) 0.0256

(c) 0.000256

(d) 0.000256

(2) The radius of a circle of area 154 sq   m is

(a) 7m

(b) 1.7 m

(c) 7m

(d) 1.075 m

(3) The radius of a circle with circumference 31.4 cm is

(A) 7 cm

(b) 2 cm

(c) 3 cm

(d) 5cm

(4) The height of a triangle with  base 8 cm and area 10 cm2 is

(a) 2 cm

(b) 2.5 cm

(c) 5 cm

(d) 1.25 cm


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(5) The base of a parallelogram with area 154.5 cm2 and height 15 cm is

(a) 10 cm

(b) 12 cm

(c) 10.3 cm

(d) 13 cm


Short Answer Type Extra Questions & Solution

(1) Anu wants to fence the garden in front of her house, on three sides with length 20 m, 12 m and 12 m. Find  the cost of fencing at the rate of Rs 150 perimeter.

(2) The area of a rhombus 72 sq cm. If its perimeter is 32 cm, find its altitude.

(3) In a school, student through of planting trees the boundary of the school to reduce pollution. It was decide  that after every 10 m of boundary one tree should planted. If the length and breadth of the boundary are 90 m and 70 m respectively, calculate the number of trees will be planted by the students ?

(4) The radius of a circular pi[e is 10 cm. What length of a tape is required to wrap once around the pipe ( =  = 3.14)?

(5) A window of length 1.55 m and 0.5 m is on wall length 4.5m  and breadth 3.5 m. Find the of white washing the wall, if the rate of white washing the wall is Rs. 25 per square meter.


Very Short Answer Type Extra Questions

(1) The length and breadth of a rectangular plot are in the ratio 9:5. If its perimeter is 280, find area.

(2) A square garden has a side of 22 metres. How many metres of fence are needed to enclose the garden 5 times ?

(3) Two sides of  a parallelogram are 0 cm and 25 cm. If the altitude corresponding to side 25 cm is 10 cm. Find the altitude corresponding to the other pair sides.

(4) If the ratio of radii of two circles is 2:3, then find the ratio of their circumference.

(5) Find the ratio of the are of a semicircle to the area of  its quadrant.


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