NCERT Class 7 English Honeycomb Sixth Chapter Expert Detectives Solution

NCERT Class 7 English Honeycomb Sixth Chapter Expert Detectives Solution

NCERT Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 6 Solution: Dear students Here in this post we are posted Sixth Chapter Expert Detectives full exercise questions & answer by our arts teacher. This Solution is helpful for CBSE English medium students. Download this 6th Chapter English Honeycomb solution & prepare your homework.

Question 1.

What did Nishad give Mr.Nath? Why?

Answer: Nishad offered him a bar of chocolate because Nishad thought that Mr.Nath was starring as being a poor person.

Question 2.

What is strange about Mr.Nath’s Sunday?

Answer: Almost every Sunday, there was a visitor visits to Mr.Nath’s room .He was tall ,fair, stout and wears spectacles. He also has lunch with Mr.Nath and talks a lot unlike Mr.Nath who hardly speaks.

Question 3.

Why did Nishad and Maya get a holiday?

Answer: Due to the monsoon broke down, water flooded the streets with a heavy downpour and traffic could not move through the flooded roads .So, Nishad and Maya got a holiday.

Working with the Text

(1) What does Nishad find out about Mr. Nath from Ramesh?

 Arrange the information as suggested below.

  • What he eats: – As informed by Ramesh, he was not particular about what he eats .like two chapattis , dal and vegetable.
  • When he eats: – He eats two times in a day, i.c morning and evening.
  • What he drinks, and when: – He drinks two cups of tea, one in the morning and the other in the evening.
  • How he pays: – He pays cash as well as tips to Ramesh.

(2) Why does Maya think Mr. Nath is a crook? Who does she say the Sunday visitor is?

Answer: Maya thinks Mr.Nath is a crook because he never talked to anyone and leads a life very isolated and lonely. He also had scars on his face which made Maya identified him as a criminal.

She says that the visitor who comes to meet Mr.Nath, would all the money were shared between them.

(3) Does Nishad agree with Maya about Mr. Nath? How does he feel about him?

Answer: No, Nishad doesn’t agree with Maya about Mr.Nath because he felt sympathetic towards him .he think Mr.Nath not as a criminal because he looked too thin and was like starring .He also added that he was lonely because no one talks to him except a visitor to him only on Sundays.

(3) Now let us look at the uses of the word break. Match the word with its meanings below. Try to find at least three other ways in which to use the word.

(i) The storm broke – – this kind of weather ended.

(ii) Daybreak – the beginning of daylight.

(iii) His voice is beginning to break – changing as he grows up.

(iv) Her voice broke and she cried – could not speak; was too sad to speak.

 (v) The heat wave broke – it began or burst into activity.

(vi) Broke the bad news – gently told someone the bad news.

(vii) Break a strike – end it by making the workers submit.

(viii) Nervous breakdown – a stressful situation.


(1) Who do you think Mr. Nath is? Write a paragraph or two about him.

Answer: According to me, Mr.Nath is a kind and simple person .He prefers to stay alone at Shankar house because he was undergoing medical treatment consulted by Nishad’s mother. He basically has no friends, rather lived in loneliness .He is very thin as he not take his meal properly, only two chapattis, some dal and a vegetable. There might be some other reason for his being loneliness. He has scars on his full face which may be caused by some major accident. So people get scared to face him and interact with him .Thus the only visitor visits him on every Sunday and spends a lot of time with him.

(2) What else do you think Nishad and Maya will find out about him? How? Will they ever be friends? Think about these questions and write a paragraph or two to continue the story.

Answer: eventually they both will find out Mr.Nath being a kind person. The only thing that he lives alone and no one interacts with him, the reason may be he loves to spent time alone or else work from home due to his bad health.

Yes, they will be friends with him no one or later because Nishad has set his mind to be friends with him and Maya would take time to investigate about him , but he will be proved innocent person and be friends very soon.

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