Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Chapter 3.3 The Road Not Taken Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Solution Chapter 3.3 – The Road Not Taken

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 9 English Solution Chapter 3.3: The Road Not Taken. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 9 get here The Road Not Taken full Exercise Solution.


Maharashtra Class 9

English Solution


The Road Not Taken

Answer the following questions:

1.) Why does the poet feel sorry?

Ans. The poet feels sorry as he can’t travel both the roads diverging in the woods, before him.

2.) Did the poet choose the road quickly?

Ans. No, it took it him a long time to decide, as he stood there looking at the roads going far away and bending somewhere in the deep forest.

3.) Was one of the roads better than the other?

Ans. No, the other was as fairer and beautiful as the other.

4.) Does the poet tell us what difference does it make?

Ans. Yes, as the poet chose the less travelled by road, It made all the difference in his life.



1.) Read the poem again. Does it have a uniform rhyme scheme throughout?

Write down the rhyme scheme of every stanza separately.

Ans. 1st stanza-abaa  b

2nd stanza- abaa  b

3rd stanza- abaa  b

4th stanza- abaa  b

2.) Write the symbols that are used in the poem to represent the following ideas:

Ans. a) Choice of two options- Two roads diverging in the woods.

b) I made a rare choice- I took the road, less one travelled by.

c) Equally good option- The road that he did not travel was equally good.

d) It was tempting and needed to be tried- It was grassy and needed wear.

e) Some other time- Oh! I kept the first for another day.

3.) Rearrange the following facts in the proper order and fill in the flow chart:

a) He chooses the one barely travelled.

b) Choosing the lesser used road made a great difference.

c) He observed one, as far as he could.

d) The traveller came to a fork in the road.

e) He planned to travel the other one some other day.


4.) Think and write in your own words:

a) In which season does a greenwood turn into a yellow wood? Which stage in our life can be compared to that season?

Ans. In autumn season greenwoods change their colour to yellow woods. The middle age of our life can be compared to autumn season.

b) Why did the traveller chose the road less travelled? What attributeof the traveller does it bring out?

Ans.The traveller chooses the road less travelled, as it will be less crowded and peaceful and also he felt that as it is less travelled, it needs to be travelled.

The traveller seems to be seems to be a peaceful and nature loving person. It also shows his optimistic and hopeful side.

c) Why does the traveller doubt that he shall ever come back?

Ans. As everyone gets busy with their day to day lives, in the same way the poet feels he’ll be so busy in his life and work that he won’t be able to come back again to such beautiful place.

d) If you were in the traveller’s place, which road you would you choose? Justify your choice.

Ans. I would have travelled the road on which people have travelled more, as I won’t be that confident to travel through a less crowded road, thinking of any persisting danger.

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