Maharashtra Board Class 8 Math Statistics Chapter Practice Set 3 Solution

Maha Board (MSBHSE) Class 8 Math (गणित) Statistics Practice Set 11.3 Solution (Page No. 71) in our website. Here candidates of Marathi Medium & English Medium of Maharashtra State can follow this to get Most Easy Solution of Maharashtra Board Class 8 Chapter 11: Statistics (Practice Set 11.3).

Maharashtra Board Class 8 Math Practice Set 11.3 Solution | BalBharati Class 8 Mathematics Chapter 11 Solution:

Subject Mathematics (गणित)
Class 8 (८)
Chapter 11 (११)
Practice Set 11.3

Practice Set 11.3 Solution (Page No. 73)

(1.) Show the following information by a percentage bar graph.

Division of standard 8 A B C D
Number of students securring grade A 45 33 10 15
Total number of students 60 55 40 75


(2) Observe the following graph and answer the questions

(1) State the type of the bar graph.

(2) How much percent is the Tur production to total production in Ajita’s farm ?

(3) Compare the production of Gram in the farms of Yash and Ravi and state whose percentage of production is more and by how much ?

(4) Whose percentage production of Tur is the least?

(5) State production percentages of Tur and gram in Sudha’s farm.


(3.) The following data is collected in a survey of some students of 10th standard from some schools. Draw the percentage bar graph of the data

School 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Inclination towards science stream 90 60 25 16
Inclination towards commerce stream 60 20 25 24


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